Tennessee Department of Transportation

February 26, 2004

TDOT Project Briefing

Improvement work getting underway on I-640/I-40/I-75/I-275

Nashville, Tenn.—The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) laid out plans today for a new, multifaceted road and bridge improvement plan for Knoxville that will get underway March 1, 2004. The project includes maintenance, repair and improvement work on I-640, I-40, I-75 and I-275.

This project includes some much needed repairs to seven bridges and to a retaining wall that was identified late last year as needing reinforcement work,” said Fred Corum, TDOT’s Region 1 Director. “Twenty-one interchange ramps in this section also need improvements. There is no easy way to do this work. We are consolidating everything we can into night work and weekend work, but there will be some unavoidable weekday traffic delays as well.”

Corum explained that this work that must be done for safety reasons and to prevent the further deterioration of components included in the impacted corridor. “We’re doing all we can to get the word out to help drivers plan their trips and to mitigate congestion where possible. We are also taking the Nascar race at Bristol Motor Speedway into consideration and planning around it.”

According to Corum, at least ten portable message signs will be used throughout the life of the project, warning drivers of the upcoming construction. Some of those signs will be posted as far as five miles out, others will be placed on nearby streets next to interstate access ramps. Fliers describing the project will also be posted at welcome centers in East Tennessee.

The contract completion date for the project is June 30, 2005. The contract was awarded to Renfro Construction Company for the amount of $8,253,947.10. The contractor will receive an incentive of up to $5,000 per day up to a maximum amount of $300,000 for completing the project early. If the project is not completed by June 30, 2005, $5,000 per day will be deducted from the contractor’s payment. Those deductions will be unlimited.

Here is the construction plan, step by step. Impacted bridges are listed below.

Impacted bridges and work description:

Bridge # 1: I-40 west to I-75 north (I-640east)

Repair deteriorated areas of bridge deck, remove and repair deteriorated areas of concrete on abutments and bents. Apply a texture-coat finish to bridge parapets, abutments and bents. Touch-up paint on structural steel.

Provide new expansion joints at end of pavement at bridge ends. Apply texture-coat finish to parapets (railings), abutments and bents. Repair deteriorated areas of concrete on abutments and bents (framework).

Remove existing asphalt on bridge. Scarify ¾” of existing bridge deck. Repair deteriorated concrete on deck. Overlay existing deck with 1½” Polymer Modified Concrete. Install new expansion joints. Blast clean, and paint existing steel. Apply texture-coat to parapets, abutments and bents.

Scarify (lacerate) bridge deck ¾”. Repair deteriorated concrete on bridge deck. Overlay bridge with 1½” Polymer Modified Concrete. Provide new expansion joints at bridge ends. Blast and paint existing steel structures. Apply texture-coat to parapets, abutments and bents.

Same as bridge # 3

Same as bridge # 4

Same as bridge # 4

Other  Important projects:

1. Resurfacing of I-140 (Pellissippi Parkway): from US 70(SR 1, Kingston Pike) in Knox Co. to SR115 (Alcoa Hwy) in Blount County. The contractor will begin clearing operations on March 1st. The clearing operation will require lane closures during daytime hours. Approximately March 15 the milling and paving operation will begin and motorists should expect lane closures during this time.

Contract Cost: $ 3,541,929

Estimated Completion Date: 12/15/04

2. Resurfacing of SR1 (Kingston Pike): from Papermill Road to the junction of Newcom Avenue. This will include overnight work only beginning sometime late spring. All milling and paving operations will be done between hours of 7:00 PM and 7:00 am. This project is scheduled to be let to contract in March. No estimated completion date at this time.

*This news release and related photographs and maps can be found in the TDOT web site media room at www.tennessee.gov/tdot.

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