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Making money should not be difficult. Our mission is to give you a wide variety of finance and stock sources that you can use instead of a stock broker.  We have tried to organize the information for you in one convenient location and give you a short description of each site.  You will notice the space weather site. This is because the SUN is the forcing function that is responsible for weather and stock market cycles.  Don't believe me ? Check out "Solar Cycles and Activist Strategy". 

Yahoo Stock Screener
  Yahoo has one of the best sites on the internet. This one is free !   Wanna make some money Try this.   Have the stock  screener find all companies with Profit Margin = 90% t and  a  dividend rate= 10%.  Yes virginia there are some companies that meet this criteria. This one is a no brainer. You can make money using this tool.   This FREE program will scan for all the companies that meet your multiple criteria.  Of course if you really love 2 Percent try the bank

Bulltrade Links
BULLTRADE's motto is "Empowering the common investor to make educated investment decisions."
This was the largest collection of financial links in the universe that we have found.  Check it out. There really is a lot here and there is something for everybody. The only drawback is that this site has not given the first time user any description of the links. So, if you have plenty of time,  this is a great site to mine for really good data. This fellow at Bulltrade may have missed somebody, but I doubt it. This is one of my favorite sites on a down DOW day.  You might want to check out their services .

This is a  link kept up by the my good friends at Marshall Space Flight Center.   This is one of the best sites  on sunspots.  My theory is that when the sunspot number is low, that is  less than 99 the stock market is bullish. When the sunspot number gets high above 200 the market gets bearish. You'll have to do your own research. If nothing else you will become an expert in the sun. The sun is the greatest  forcing  function that governs all  life on earth.

KILLSHOT  Death from the SUN

Find out how to survive The Killshot!.  This document  is about 2 years old. The celestial body Mr. Dames is talking about, must be Nibiru, or planet X if you like. According to thousands of ancient writings it must be returning very soon now... 2012 perhaps? The world's foremost remote viewing teacher, Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army (ret.) is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as the training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's psychic intelligence (PSIINT) collection unit, and currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group.

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Check your stock market trading with the Sunspot activity and Solar Flux charts.  Since the Sun is the major forcing function in this part of the Galaxy, you would expect to see Global economic changes.  This has been true for many thousand years. When global changes occur the blame is on theologies, politics, weather but not the sun.  Make up your own mind.

Planetary Time Jumps

This sounds a little bit of Stargate SG-1 and the ancients who left advanced technology behind to protect the Earth.  Check this article on Planetary Time Jumps. It must in here some where ?   The Planet jumps out of the way of a problem.  

Solar Cycles and Activist Strategy
The eleven year Solar Cycle peaked in the year 2000, But we have had an incredible number of strong solar flares ever since. These solar flares based on several hundred years of study have a direct effect on human beings. There are strong correlations to the stock market and to retail sales. Many of these effects can be predicted on Macro level but not on an individual level.  The Foundation for the study of Cycles has devoted much research to this endeavor.  It appears that the Sun is a major forcing function.  Velikosky pointed out that Passing Comets  have a direct  effect in the  Sun's activities.  This may explain the world's fear of comets. It's the aftermath stupid ! This link was put here on September 11, 2001, the day the trade center attack occurred. This link makes the point that solar maximums  correlate well with terrorist activities. We have been monitoring Space Weather and sunspot numbers with stock market advances and declines.

Recent Quakes,Violent Weather Related to Solar Cycles
It is likely that Earth Expansion processes and our recent Violent Weather events are driven by increased electrical outflow originating from the Sun as CME's and ionic Birkland current discharges. These ionic electron flows then cascade through the Solar Capacitor space as "solar wind". The energy flow hits the Earth's Magnetosphere and compresses it violently down towards the planet before cascading via the Earth's Ionospheric capacitor to the Earth's "ground". In the process, Cyclones and Tornadoes are created in the atmosphere due to rotating electric current discharge between the Upper Ionosphere and Earth ground capacitor plates.

USGS Where in the World are the EarthQuakes Today
This web site is provided by the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program as part of their effort to reduce earthquake hazard in the United States.
Earthquakes pose significant risk to 75 million Americans in 39 States. The USGS is the only Federal agency with responsibility for recording and reporting earthquake activity nationwide. Citizens, emergency responders, and engineers rely on the USGS for accurate and timely information on where an earthquake occurred, how much the ground shook in different locations, and what the likelihood is of future significant ground shaking. Check this site often for Earthquake news from a reliable government agency. If your smart you might check out the Memphis earthquake site. They are waiting for the remake of the "The New Madrid Fault".

Local Knox County Property Tax Info by Address or Name
In Knox County all you need is a name or an address  This is a great resource as you get the name all right but you also get  appraised value , the amount of tax and delinquency if  any.  Now you can get a realistic picture of comparables in your neighborhood and check up on your neighbor's taxes.

What's Your House Worth by Bank of America
Real Estate Investors really want to know how much your house is worth before they make an offer.   Bank of America provides a great service in giving you exact information, loan calculators and even a loan.  You also get the last three sales of  comparable houses  and their sell price. Once you know that, you may as well check out your neighbors and all of your relatives. Yep this program crosses state lines.  It's a neat program that will keep you and your neighbors talking for a long time.   All you need is an address.

The Nehemiah Program®
Free Money !  Thanks to The Nehemiah Program®, more than 173,000 individuals and families now own homes. Gift funds from 1% to 6% of the final contract sales price or a flat gift amount (not to exceed 6% of  the final contract sales price) towards downpayment and closing costs. No repayment of gift money.  If you are struggling to buy your first home check this out.

Whole Earth Forecaster
This site uses solar cycles to make predictions for up to 10 or more years in the future.  Great for police departments trying put together a staffing budget.   You can forecast so many things here on Earth if you know what the sun is going to do.  The Astro Indicator has forecasted all the droughts on record, including the 1974, 1988 and 2001/02 droughts.  AI is also good at forecasting daily temperature changes and is an excellent tool for planning outside events.  Check it out.

How Much is Bill Gates Worth Today
 This is a site devoted to Bill Gates and his wealth.  If you think you are doing well , check Bill out .  I can't understand how his dad can say he doesn't need a tax break. It's unamerican. Everyone needs a tax break !

U.S. Geological Survey
premier site for up to the minute news on earthquakes, volcanoes and floods and great mapping. Their motto is "science for a changing world" and they live up to it. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), established in 1879, is the Nation's principal natural science and information agency. USGS conducts research, monitoring, and assessments to contribute to understanding the natural world  America's lands, water, and biological resources.
If you believe this the earthquake generation this is the place for the straight skinny. Your tax dollars at work !
 This is a topo map of the Bearden Area in Knoxville centered on several of the Knoxville Fault lines. The TopoZone is a production of Maps a la carte, Inc. They are bringing the power of digital topographic mapping to the Web for the first time. They are committed to delivering the Web's most complete set of digital topographic and  related mapping information to the professional and outdoor recreation communities. Choose your own area of the world or state and see the topography.  Very educational !  Great for low budget real estate developers.

Yahoo Financial Portfolio
Yahoo 's  portfolio  program is one of the best and I and many of my customers have been using it for years. You do have to sign up for it like you do for many programs, but its FREE.  You can enter your portfolio and number of shares and cost and it will keep up with the wins and losses. This is a no brainier. It works.

Silicon Investor
This is a pure  tech stock  site  and it is full of timely and pertinent data from the folks in silicon valley. Get the scoop from the horses mouth. They also have comparisons by  competing sector groups. It will help you make a very informed decision. I love it because you can set the data interval on a chart to one minute and see how your favorite tech stock is trading minute by minute. I also like their graphs a little better.

Follow your stock in real time. A little clumsy as you can only follow only one stock at a time for free. You can subscribe to a service that will allow you to watch a whole portfolio.  Since most small individual stock investors want to buy one stock at a time,  this site isn't shabby and the price free isn't bad.  You can also set up a portfolio of stocks and track them on a 20 min. delayed basis much like YAHOO for free..

I Hate Financial Planning
  If there's anything you hate more than planning finances, it's crunching numbers - until now! Throughout we've provided you with some handy, easy-to-use calculators that give you quick and helpful calculations on several topics.

Kiplinger Financial Calculator
Ever wish there was some way to have an updated financial calculator.   Kiplinger has one that covers investments, mutual funds, stocks, retirement, savings, mortgages, insurance and taxes.  You not only get good calculators but you also get advice.  Try it out  you'll like it.

 Financial Learning.Com
Want to learn about financial matters? Even though GE sponsors the site, this is a place to find to-the-point information and advise on how to better manage your taxes, investments and money.  They also have a great self directed online financial planning course.  Great advise on looking out for IRA blunders.  They also have online tutorials.  Who needs a university course when you got this as close as your keyboard.

 This site was started by a 29 year old from the Midwest, who previously, worked full time in a financial field which was totally unrelated to stock trading. He  found himself  very frustrated with the broker that was investing  for him. His broker had never even heard of some of his great picks.  Thus was born a need for a financial information site that would assist short term traders.  He does have some interesting ideas and articles. Like many other sites he is selling his oracle of delphi  services.  Use caution !

 SECTOR BASE, investment professionals have access to a financial information platform that possesses key Product byproduct categorizations, essential to performing  accurate comparative valuation and peer group analysis.  Because SECTOR BASE  classifies companies according to the products they manufacture and the services they  provide, identifying a company's business and its competitors is exact.  In addition,  SECTOR BASE has compiled qualitative characteristics such as strategic partnerships  and other significant relationships, market trends and regulatory oversight, along with  standard  Quantitative data. This allows for queries based on wide range of non financial  data elements, not just quantitative. Worth looking at,  if you have a lot invested.

This site is a little chatty about stock news but try it out at your leisure.

You caught the Cable channel now get the inside scoop over the internet.  A really good stock news site if you have the time..

This is another news network. Try it . Don't get carried away. You have to go to work tomorrow.

 If you like a good dose of gossip this may be your site. Directed to newbees in investing.

Learn How To Invest Wisely SEC
 Curious about online trading? Learn how to invest wisely and avoid fraud on the Internet from the Securities and Exchange Commission.