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Education will become the raging hot industry of the new millenium.  Starting with REFDESK, you will  find a plethora of sites that will  train you for free or give you information to accomplish repairs etc. We have tried to organize the information for you in one convenient location and give you a short description of each site.  This will continue to be the most exciting section on our site, since the winners are just figuring out how to educate over the internet.  Knoxville has  the first Virtual Library in Tennessee.  This means you can check out and download on line  an  Electronic  Book for two weeks for reading on your computer for FREE.   No problem with downtown parking. Ain't it grand ?

 If you are a home schooler this is your one page resource department.  This  page has a link to everything. It is marvelous. If you don't know where to start in a search for information, this may be the place.  This is a page for a generalist and may be a little too much for some people, But it beats jumping around trying to get an answer. Beside when you get tired you can ask an expert. Try it out , you will be delighted.

TUTORIALIZED ”Where Everything is a tutorial

You bought that expensive bloated software, But how do you use it. Get professional tutorials for Word, Excell, Powerpoint, to Web Design.

And the best part is its all FREE.

 Find Tutorials on Almost Anything
This site has links to Total Free Tutorials=3666 , Total Videos=709, Total Courses= 310.  Outside the technical topics you will find you will find tips on how to shop for car insurance and a host of other useful subjects. Sample topics include Art& Humanities, Business & Finance, Crafts & hobbies, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Sports, Travel, and Religion. We provide you decide !

The Vatican Archives, one of the world's most important historical research centers, with over 630 different archival sources extending over more than 85 kilometers of shelves, covering over 800 years of history, can now be visited on the Internet. This library is second only to the library of Alexandria. The oldest document dates back to the 7th century, while uninterrupted documentation is maintained from the year 1198 onward. Thanks to new technology, it is possible to leaf through the parchment in which Pope Clement  grants absolution to the leaders of the Knights Templar (17-20 August, 1308), (check it out Masons) ! Also included is  Michelangelo Buonarotti's letter to the Bishop of Cesena (January 1550) or the minutes of the trial of Galileo Galilei (1616-1633).  Visit the Vatican Secret Archives, the Vatican Museums and roam through the Vatican Library. Now if only the CIA would open the UFO archives.

 This is a great resource of information. Their motto is " More than a library ". Get it Online  Words.. Pictures and Sound.  I was captivated by some of their Photographic tours on a variety of subjects and periods.  They also have great Cybercasts to choose from.  If you have a broadband Comcast Cable  or DSL, the cybercasts are great. Show off your system by going to this site ... really great !  They have great Digitized Global Treasures i.e   Selected items of international, cultural or historic  importance from the Library's collections. This also includes international Cybercasts.  This site is a real national resource center.  Check it out !

LiveScience™.com. Newly launched, LiveScience is an original content site focusing on the innovative and intriguing in Science and Technology. Aimed at the intellectually curious, it covers news, views and scientific inquiry with an original, provocative point of view. With articles by respected science journalists and contributors, LiveScience looks at new discoveries, intellectual adventures and the idiosyncrasies of the world that surrounds us. This was started by Lou Dobbs.  Well done check it out! Good for Kids.

Space.Com, the award-winning web site that offers rich and compelling space, astronomy and technology content, including information, education, entertainment and business news. syndicates its content to leading news outlets including,, and Yahoo. In 2003,'s editorial excellence was recognized by the Online News Association for its coverage of the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

  Here at Blackvoices formerly we have a simple philosophy that gives us a complex mission. Our prime directive is to bring together  authoritative information about the whole world of Africa and her Diaspora in as entertaining a way as we can. And so you'll find here new material every day: news and comment from  Africa, the Americas and around the world about  the lives, experiences and needs of black people. We want our web site to be a gathering place for communities who will share that  knowledge and use it to benefit themselves and  each other. Our aim is to let our users exploit  reliable information to build a healthy black community

  This is a portal to Google Mexico style.This website is smarter than most because it’s updated at least once a day and will display the best ideas and offers. For example, if you’re looking for "Google Mexico", you’ll find the top offers, ideas and products for it right here. Furthermore, your search for "Google Mexico" won’t give you lots of insignificant or meaningless results. We value your time and don’t want to waste it.

URban Ledgends Reference Page
Uban legends  cover everything from free money from Microsoft to Alligators in your sewer.  This is a quick way to get the down and dirty information.  Senior citizens seem to be targeted for scams.    Welcome to your corner of urban legends sanity on the World Wide Web! Named by Time magazine in March 2002 and again in June 2003 as one of the 50 Best Web Sites, contains thousands of articles about urban legends, Internet lore, odd news stories, strange facts, common misconceptions, superstitions, unusual word origins, and little-known yet fascinating tidbits of history.

MIT's  OpenCourseware
Welcome to MIT's OpenCourseWare:a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OCW supports MIT's mission to advance knowledge and education, and serve the world in the 21st century. It is true to MIT's values of excellence, innovation, and leadership.Anyone with a High Speed  Internet connection and a Web browser can access the syllabus, assignments, exams and answers, reference  materials and, in some cases, video lectures of MIT courses. First announced in 2001, the idea behind OCW is to make course materials  used in almost all of MIT's Undergraduate and graduate subjects available online,  free of charge, to users anywhere in the world even Knoxville. Potts said MIT plans to put most of the materials from its 2,000 courses online by the 2006-07.

Gateway Tests for High School Graduation
 State officials want the public to be familiar with the GATEWAY TESTS required for high school graduation. Starting with the ninth grade scools will make sure teachers prepared too.   Lengthy sample  tests are posted at this site. The samplers reflect the format and the content of the actual tests. This is a great way to help ace the tests  so get cracking now. Make us a proud Tennessee!

Free Legal Help
Nolo Press has been publishing self help legal books for years.  Now they are on line with a pretty good web site. What makes it so good is the plain practical advice it dispenses.  They have grest new articles all the time and you will find them useful.  Check it out it pro bono !

 Beginners Tutorial for  COMPUTERS
 Universities are spending a fortune trying to figure out how to put their courses and classes online.  Other web savvy entrepreneurs are just putting the body in motion and just doing it.  if you are a beginner computer user, you should checkout  BEGINNERS a British site that offers both free and fee based instruction.
From improving the performance of your web browser to downloading hundreds of free type fonts, This site will turn you into a computer expert in no time at all.

 Find Tutorials on Almost Anything
This site has links to Total Free Tutorials=3666 , Total Videos=709, Total Courses= 310.  Outside the technical topics you will find you will find tips on how to shop for car insurance and a host of other useful subjects. Sample topics include Art& Humanities, Business & Finance, Crafts & hobbies, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Sports, Travel, and Religion. We provide you decide !

Free On-Line Training
There are over 200 FREE on-line courses available. The courses cover all the products Microsoft makes as well as LOTUS, COREL (Wordperfect), Contact Management, Accounting, and Desktop Publishing.  Certification  in these skills by commercial companies cost from hundreds to thousands per course.   But for you it's   FREE !!! . Want to learn how to build a web page download the manual.  You will have to have a copy of adobe acrobat reader in order to print the manuals. For old timers who like a printed manual to study, this is above and beyond.

  The Home of helpful, time saving, and thrift tips. Tips are here on over 700 subjects and  growing all the time.
Holding fast to the traditional tips, and ideas that have been  passed down through the generations. Hopefully you will find this site as it is intended to be. Clutter free, reasonably well organized and the minimum adverts to keep the site up and running.

Home Repair Plus
This is one of the best of the home repair and improvement sites and offers a mix of boilerplate tutorials and everyday practical advise from their members.  You just have to check this site as it covers everything around the house. This site has an active member community that answers each others questions on dozens of bulletin boards. Getting answers to home repair questions could save you some big bucks. 

Garden Web
The GardenWeb Forums comprise the largest community of gardeners on the Internet.  Covering more than 90 different plants, regions and topics, the forums allow you to tap the collective wisdom of the thousands of other users who visit GardenWeb each day. You can  post queries on plant care, how to deal with a landscaping problem or perhaps initiate a discussion on your favorite subject. If you have any intrest in gardening you will flip out over this site. You can also make friends  around the world.

Repair Clinic
This no nonsense site contains fact files on many home appliances, including descriptions of how they work and how to diagnose common problems.  Their search engine called the parts detective will help you find an appliance part you need even if you don't know what it's called. Save a ton of money by making simple repairs. They have pictures and help files.

JAN'S Computer Literacy 101
 One of our customers Jan Smith of Crossville Tennessee has produced an illustrated Computer Literacy 101. Just go to this page and click on the little computer at the bottom of the screen to start this course.  There is a teacher oriented section for those teachers that want to set up a course based on Jan's work. All she asks is that the teachers ask for permissions so she can track the use of the material and also get feedback on improving the product.  If you are new to computers, give this course a try. It is really well done.
This is a great site for students that want to build their vocabulary and do it in a fun manner. Find the meanings of words . And for those transcriptionist who are pulling their hair out you now have access to the best Medical and Legal dictionaries money can buy.  And its  free ! 

Fact Monster
This homepage is a homework helper godsend.  This is a kid friendly site. Need a quick profile of Greece for a geography report tomorrow? No problem, a couple of mouse clicks and your done.  Other sections on this site deliver the goods on math, science, people and language. 

Fact Monster Homework Center
This  page  has:  homework topics/ study skills/ speaking and listening  skills. One fun part is finding out what went on in any year of the twentieth century. Other sections allow you to find out what happened on your birthday and what other notable people were born on the same day you were.  This is a wholesome site for kids and adults.

ABC Toon Center
This site built by cartoonist Jack Armstrong and cofounder Bonnie King contains all kind of fun activities for young web surfers.   Younger elementary school kids will have fun with the interactive games puzzeles and music.

About Education Homepage
 This homepage is kept up to date on education.  This covers the areas of primary, secondary, college, university and adult education. This is a super resource site .  Homeschoolers Check it out.

Inner Learning/Auto/Body
 Talk about a combo site . Great for everyone in the family. The INNER AUTO site will teach you the inner workings of cars and is such a popular site that many schools around the country are integrating it into their curricula. They have great interactive exploding view diagrams.  The INNER BODY is a complete site that does for the human body what the auto site does for cars.  Children will love it. The best is yet to come

Librarians Index To The Internet
 If you or your child needed a quick index to the internet this is definitely the site. there are of course search engines but this site was organized by librarians or "cybrarians" for easy of use. This web page is so well organized  that finding information on it is as easy as asking a friendly librarian to fetch a title for you. They have tried to limit any porn or inappropriate site as it was oriented to libraries.  try it you'll love it.

ON Line 11,000 Books
 If you  were stranded on a desert island but had an internet connection you could access over 11,000 books on-line on your computer. There are a list of banned books such as arabian nights  etc.   This is a must site for home schoolers.  One of the advantages of this site is that you can do your on research on different topics.  This site could be used by blind people to download the text and have it read by a text to voice program.  Check it out.

This is a FREE  TEXT-TO-SPEECH   program.  You must download it and it is nearly 7 megabytes long.  Your computer must be at least a Pentium 133 or better, with 16 Megs of Ram and at least  20 Megs of Hard Disk free. ReadPlease 2000 shatters the myth that computers must sound robotic and monotonous. Just imagine  having web pages and e-mail read aloud to you. If you are finding there is just too much on-screen  reading with all of this technology, then you will love using ReadPlease. This is the original free version released June 1999. Perfect for blind people or people with failing eyesight.

Search EDU.Com
Home schoolers this is your site. This site has online dictionaries, CIA World Factbook, Census Data, Library of Congress, Calculators and Converters including Currency Converters.

Federal  Gateway to Educational Materials
 Teachers, parents, and students can access lessons and educational materials on any topic on to the  Department of Education's new Gateway to Educational Materials.  The Gateway makes  finding materials on the Internet easy by connecting users to over 140 web sites.

Federal Resources for Academic Excellence
Agencies from across the Federal government joined forces to provide Federal Resources for Academic Excellence  which makes hundreds of education resources available on the web for teachers, students, or parents. Subjects range from an architectural tour of the National Gallery of Art's East Building to a  mutual fund cost calculator from the Securities and Exchange Commission.
This is a search engine devoted to science. Scirus is the most comprehensive science-specific search engine on the Internet. Driven by the latest search engine technology, Scirus searches over 200 million science-specific Web pages, enabling you to quickly:Pinpoint scientific, scholarly, technical and medical data on the Web and the latest reports, peer-reviewed articles, patents, pre prints and journals that other search engines miss.Offer unique functionalities designed for scientists and researchers.

This is a worthless site as it doesn't do half as good a job as, But your tax dollars paid for it. Check it every so often, They may make it a useful site.

Enchanted Learning
This is a great site for small children. It covers  Dinosaurs/ map of the U.S.A quiz/ K to 3 themes/ Preschool themes/ Geography/ the Universe -astronomy . It's a great site for rug rats and adults.  Check it out.

National Gallery of Art for Kids
This site makes the national treasure accessible to kids.  This site gives a guided tour of the subject. This kind of presentation blends history and geography into an art lesson.  Other portions of the site take visitors tours of various artist's works as well as virtual exhibits at the gallery.  You will love it and learn a lot.

Want to find general governmental  information. This helpful site will cut through the clutter and get you there fast. It even allows you to search state and local governments. For our customers in Knoxville there may be some overlap, but better to have more than you need,  then need more than you have.

Search Mil.Com
This is a great search engine dedicated to searching information about military information.  Try searching for HAARP.  This site is devoted solely to publicly accessible  web pages inside the military domain.  Sorry Saddam!

Learn Food Safety
 Learn food safety and handling tips, proper cooking temperature for food, and how to test to see if your  kitchen is safe from food borne illness from the Department of Agriculture.

Biowarfare Agents
Stan Deyo has a site called Noah's Ark. Click on ==> Threat Watch  and concerns Biowarfare agents : What Are They?, Their Symptoms and Treatment.  This is the straight skinny on how to protect yourself from Bio terrorism.  There is some good information on How To Perform Decontamination and a Chart of BW Agents and their effects. Hint : Make sure mama has a big bottle of Clorox !   Noah's Ark had a lot of  good information on getting prepared for natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes and ice storms.  Those who are informed cannot be terrorized.  Link to Noah's Ark.

  CDC Anthrax Health Report
For those worried about Anthrax, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has generated a great site for travelers.  They tell you what shots you need for traveling to destinations in  other countries . They list disease outbreaks.  I would rather trust the CDC for a heads up on diseases affecting  my destination.  As we are having really turbulent weather around the globe, even so called safe destinations could quickly  deteriorate due to an earthquake, flood,  tornado or terrorist.   Check here before you go.