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If you're into cars this is the place to start.  There  is the Kelly Blue Book  very valuable in buying or selling a car. There is news about cars .    For tax purposes you can get a  price on your fleet.  If you find better car sites let us know.

The Car Connection
The car connection is a place to get news about the automobile business. There will be a lot of new and exciting breakthroughs especially in fuel cell powered and hybrid powered cars.  If you are a car aficionado, You will want to check these guys out.   Also this site is a good place to get Blue Book prices on your used vehicles.  Uncle John this site is for you !
Before buyng a new car, be sure to get the Blue Book value of the car you own  now.  Choose Trade-In Value if you  intend to sell your car to a dealer,  Private Party Value if you intend to sell your car  to another consumer.
Trade-in Value is what the dealer should offer.   Private Party is what you get if you sell privately.  This is a great resource. If the dealer knows that you know,  he will be  more amenable to a better deal.
Knowledge is power use it wisely grasshopper.  There are also previews, tools and tips Enjoy!.

There is NO OIL CRISIS !
Russians have created an  Unlimited  Oil Supply  via their 30 Year  Super Deep Oil Wells.
  In 1970 the Russians started drilling Kola SG-3, an exploration well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40, 230 feet. Since then,  Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century. There may be some truth here. For sure there is pleanty of propaganda. The scary part is that the Russians are one of the world's leading producers of  oil.  If they have duplicated this feat in Vietnam, China and  India, our economy may be in trouble.

With the price of gas moving to $4.00, many of us are looking for alternative ways to save money.  Of course the big boys are all looking for solutions that are complicated and expensive. You might be  satisfied to spend $30,000 to get a car with 36 miles per gallon, but I'am not.  Most real breakthroughs are usually simple.   This sparkplug looks simple and if it will double my gas mileage and clean the environment, then I want it !   Think of it, you change sparkplugs and double your gas mileage !
Write your congressman today.  Don't let Exxon bury this one.
FireStorm's Capabilities:

1.  More horsepower;
2.  50% increase in Mile per Gallon
3.  Dramatic decrease in emissions for a better environment by eliminating:
     A.   Smog pumps
     B.  Catalytic converters
     C.  Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems
Misfire/ hesitation/ detonation/ stutter and stumble.

This Week in Free Energy
 You might want to remember this site when the price of Oil goes to $4.00/Gallon.  The nice thing about this site is that there is nothing to read just a bunch of streaming audio presentations. If your going on a long boring trip fill your Ipod with this.

A new Dutch invention can make cars, busses and other vehicles no less than 50 percent more efficient and thus more environmentally friendly. Better still, the technology is already available; it all comes down to a smart combination of existing systems The future of the in-wheel electric engine seems bright. At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, it was the engine of choice in many of the futuristic hydrogen-powered concept cars.

BEARDEN's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (Free Electricity)
 In March 2002, Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. BEARDEN,  James C. Hayes, Kenneth D. Moore, and James L.  Kenny received US Patent # 6,362,718 for the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG), a scalar energy  device that produces over unity (AKA "Free Energy"); in conventional terms, the device has a Coefficient of  Performance (COP) of 5.0.   The first commercial units should be rolling off the production lines in about one year, and  we expect them to be closed loop self powering systems of about 2.5 KW output, but modular...  Self Powering is another word for  FREE  ELECTRICITY.
Oil Industry Suppressed Plans for 200-mpg Car
  A carburettor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on a gallon of fuel  caused oil stocks to crash when it was announced by its Canadian  inventor Charles Nelson Pogue in the 1930s.  Next time you complain of high gas prices, reread this article.  It is intresting if true.


Car  Prices

Want a car. This site has new, used cars, parts etc. You can do a lot of research here. They even have a lemon check. You did check here first !  Super site. click on the picture.


Get a quote from a dealer near you without leaving home.  Another good site try it out.


Find a car.   Build your  car if necessary. Very interesting. They even have live people you can talk to.
They also offer order tracking, researching, side-by-side comparisons


 We've pre-screened and pre-approved each dealer in our network, giving you the comfort and security of knowing you're working with the very best. Access to our network of dealers is free! And with your referral, dealers in our network agree to:
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    2.  Alert you to consumer rebates, factory incentives and other  new car discounts
    3.  Present you with a no hassle, no haggle price on the vehicle

    4.  Offer discounts on parts and services in their service department

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This car part site has millions of brand name parts and accessories. They even have coupons available.