34 Years of Dependability You Can Count on
Remember the good old days when you could find a full service gas station or a small computer store that had competent, friendly people who provided full service.  COMPUTER KING is a small hometown store that has the following:
Parking out front   .... We are not a super store ... You don't have to walk a mile.
Reliable Repairs by Professionals
Quick service turn around -  Generally 1-3 days
Emergency Service at a Price
People that will take the time to show you your system after it is repaired.
People you can talk to !
Best of all Computer King is dependable
We are also oriented to first time users and are willing to help you get the most from your computer.  Because we also manufacture and sell new computers we ususally have an adequate supply of parts or can get them from  local wholesale distributors. The bottom line is that as a 34 year old computer retailer, we can provide you fast, efficient and dependable service. 
Check out our website  --loads of free antispyware and virus programs.