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Sells PreOwned

Computer King  nows sells preowned computers. These are computers that we buy from a variety of sources. The last six months we have been buying off lease computers from large companies in the Atlanta area.  These computers on the whole have been in a comercial air conditioned environment and have been well maintained. They are clean and have not been abused.  We take these old computers and refurbish them, increase the memory to a minimum 256Meg. or 512Meg., low level and check out the hard disk, upgrade the sound card or modem as is required and refresh  the copy of windows on the system. We take care to test computers to make sure they work. We load them up with a free set of Virus and Spyware protection software.  We also have access to Open Office Suites ,  compatible to Microsoft’s Word, Excell & Powerpoint.


Smallest Systems   are Pentium III’s 400 Mhz to 800 Mhz. with 128 meg, 6.4 gig hard disk, cd rom, sound and video card and LAN with Windows 98 Operating System. Cable or DSL ready  Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Extra.              $90.00

Intermediate Systems are Pentium III’s with 800Mhz to 1000Mhz with 128Meg or more, 20 Gig Hard disk and Sound, Video, CD, Lan and Windows 2000 Professional Operating System. Cable or DSL Ready.                    Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Extra.                                                                                                               $120.00-$150.00

Newest Systems   are top quality system with Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro Operating systems .  
These systems are Pentium 4 of AMD Equivalent, 1.5 to 3.0 Ghz. They have a minimum of 20 Gigs Hard disk, 256Meg to 512 Meg Ram, Floppy, CD Roms.                                                                    Prices Range from $229.00 to $275.00

From time to time we get some real deals. Name brand systems that are fully loaded. Check us out !

Prices vary based on System configurations and our selection changes daily. Check us out.

We are stocking a broad array of inexpensive laptops computers with name brands such as Dell, Compaq and Toshiba.
These systems range in price from $250.00 to $490.00.
These systems generally have a Floppy and a CD ROM  as well as a TFT or active matrix screen. The size of the Ram is usually  128megs. to     512 Megs  and hard disk storage can range from 6 Gig to 160gigabytes.  Sound is generally included.
If wireless is not built-in a wireless PCMCIA card can be purchased for $30.00

Computer King gets a lot of monitors. We have a huge supply of 17 Inch CRT Monitors. Every once in a while we get a great shipment of 20" monitors at great prices, They don't last long. Give us a call.
15 Inch Monitors are  $20.00
17 Inch Monitors are  $40.00 Crème color  $50.00 Black Color
19 Inch Monitors        $100.00    (when available).   


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We are out of the used part business for end users.