Our mission on this  page is to give you a wide variety of  the best of the best web sites of useful information. One of the problems we have had is remembering where all the good sites are and what they do. We have tried to organize the information for you in one convenient location and give you a short description of each site.    Some of our best sites have come from recommendations made by our large customer base.   We will give you a varied assortment of  sites.  We present,  you Select !

Employers with Headquarters in Knoxville
If you want a job in Knoxville, try some of these employers. This is not an exhaustive list by any means.  As far as I know the Chamber of Commerce doesn't have a list on the web yet.  You would have to buy a listing from them direct.

 HotDispatch has created a new, on-line marketplace where web-deliverable services can be purchased and sold. They focus on the exchange of information on-line, as opposed to services transacted over the web but delivered on-line. This distinguishes us from services for online airline and  hotel reservations, employment classifieds, auctions, etc.
How requesting expertise works ! You've hit a wall on a project and need  technical help fast. Or you've got a single question. HotDispatch is The Place to find help, day or night. Expertise providers from around the world are there for you. You determine the price or the bidding mechanism.
Get paid for your expertise. Join HotDispatch and earn money on your own time. Answer questions or consult on a project. HotDispatch is a  ready resource for you to earn top dollar and to enhance your career.

eLance makes it quick and easy for you to buy and sell services with people and businesses from around the world. Thousands of people from over 120 countries now use the eLance marketplaces for web and graphic design, software development, business services, research, data entry and much  more. Buyers and sellers use eLance to find each other, to negotiate the deal and even as a platform for delivery of the service. In particular, buyers use eLance to get access to global pricing, talent and experience, by  posting project descriptions -- known as Requests for Proposals, or RFPs -- and opening them up to competitive bidding. For standardized services, buyers browse the descriptions of fixed price services posted by the experts on eLance and place orders.  Service providers use elance to get access to buyers from around the globe  without expensive marketing efforts. eLance levels the playing field, putting the competitive focus on quality, price and speed of delivery. Our feedback system allows service providers to build eLance reputations. Both buyers and sellers use eLance tools such as the Work Space -- a shared file system accessible to both for exchanging and viewing files -- and private message boards to get the job done across any border .

HelloBrain was formed to enable the attainment of critical mass in complex product development by creating the world's first intellectual capital exchange for technology solutions. HelloBrain's intellectual capital exchange provides all of the necessary components of a classical exchange, including buyers and sellers, liquidity, a          transaction infrastructure, pricing mechanisms, information disclosure, and trust. In addition, HelloBrain provides specific capabilities necessary for virtual, or Internet-based intellectual capital exchange for technology, including on-line collaboration, evaluation, verification, and delivery, as well as security, protection of intellectual property, and a natural on-line community.

Matchs  indepentent contractors with employers, often for projects that last a specified time on the company's premises. Companies can list jobs they need done and free-lancers can respond with with resumes or proposals of their own. A more fluid relationship is engendered and tasks can be conducted remotely by people in any state or country. Check it out.

This is much like the above.  For dedicated job shoppers.