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West Hills is one of the premier neighborhoods in all of Knoxville, Tn.  It is conveniently located across from West Town Mall on one side and bounded by Middlebrook Pike on the other. The community association has an enviable  30 plus year record of activism in defense of the zoning and quality of life. One of our achievements was the development of the West Hills Plan of zoning that was subsequently adopted by the entire city of Knoxville  for all the neighborhoods.  President is Joe Fuhr 693-1810. As information breaks we will post it to these pages.  Check the site often. Membership is limited to those persons currently owning property and residing in the West Hills area north of Papermill Road and Kingston Pike, West of New Weisgarber Road, East of Walker Springs Road and Mars Hill Road.
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General Meeting


DATE    :    MONDAY March 19, 2007
PLACE :     Curch of the Nazarene
TIME    :      7:00 PM


President�s Comments and welcome

Treasurer�s Report�������� (Erika Fuhr)

KPD Report


Committee Reports

Beautification���������� ����������(Marjorie Lloyd)

Codes ������������������������� ����������(Ailsa Schuller)

Newsletter ����������������� ����������(Lee Hume)-Deadline for next issue

Special Gardening issue

Parks �������������������������� ���������(Allen and Pam Douglass)

Traffic ������������������������� ��������(Joe Fuhr)�� -update on city traffic calming program

Zoning Misc.



For the international minded in West Hills check this out3000 channels of television on the internet

Check this out ��� http://www.live-online-tv.com/�� Brush up on your Greek, French, Spanish etc.


Discover ET

DiscoverET.org is the nonprofit community network and regional Web portal that connects people and resources in East Tennessee. Its mission is to use the Internet and related technologies to promote dialogue and community in the region.This is a great site for accessing information about East Tennessee. They hostweb sites and other Internet-related services for more than 260+ non-profit organizations in the 16 counties. If you�relooking for a list of places to volunteer, you�re at the right place.

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  We have set up an Electronics Group E-GROUP through YAHOO.COM called  WESTHILLS2001  .
The purpose of this E-groups is to provide  a forum for all of our West Hills Neighbors. The forum works as a give and take between neighbors. All correspondence stays on the system for a whole year.  You can be out of town and still see what's going on in the neighborhood. We now have the option of setting up Photo Album's  of events happening in our community.  The better we communicate the stronger a community we become.  Homeland Security begins at home !
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Guest Mode

As a guest anyone can check out the E-Mail news for the West Hills Community . One of the benefits of membership aside from being able to post messages to the group is that you will  get periodic special announcements for meetings, picnics and other events of community interest.    You will also be able to access PHOTOS of West Hills Events . Please join us by in clicking  on the [JOIN] icon .


The rules for the E-Groups are simple.  We will not allow Profanity, Sales Pitches or Inappropriate Email.  Memberships and email postings  will be moderated.  This hopefully will prevent our site from be trashed by kids with nothing better to do.

E-Groups and the Future

One of the hallmarks of West hills Community Association is that for the last 30 plus years we have been a very activist and  vocal community. For this reason we are one of the best communities in Knoxville !   We have had to fight off  land developers and other nasties from devaluing our property or impinging on our quality of life. And we did all of this without the internet.  Communication is the future.