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Before the internet there was no easy way to let your elected officials (public servants) know your desires.  You had to find time to sit down write a letter and get the address and send it off. If you were lucky your letter got there in the same decade with the problem. We are now on INTERNET TIME.  Our site makes it easy to E-MAIL your gripe or kudos to the official of your choice quickly.  Help your officials make good choices. Tell them what you want.   USE IT OR LOSE IT !

Knox School Matters

A web site put up by the News Sentinel that is dedicated to discussing local school matters. It is felt that we have not destroyed enough trees talking about Knox County now we are focusing on using up the rest of the  electrons in the universe. Honestly this can be a great site for people who want to express their opinions on line.  If everything goes right this could be a marketplace for good ideas.  Check it out Knoxville seems to be a hotbed of creative ideas, This could be a winner.  If you have children in school you will want this on your favorites. School Matters is a community of people who care about education; a place where people can discuss local, state and national education issues that affect all of us; a place for constructive dialogue and creative solutions; and a source of inspiration, learning, and action.

Knox County Debuts on YOU TUBE

For many Yankees that still believe that Knoxville is a one horse town, take a look at the Sheriff’s office and their debut on You Tube. You Tube is streaming movies which all the young people are into. If your ashamed of asking your grand kids about You Tube , click on the header and follow the link to the Sheriff’s office.  BRAVO Knoxville . Keep doing better ! We are proud of you.


The city council is the closest form of democracy for city residents.They are directly elected and should be extremely responsive to the neighborhoods that elected them.  From time to time many in city feel that the city council members are an invisible group. Help guide them with your wishes.  If they perform elect them again, if not save your email and remind them at election time why they didn't get your vote.
o   Joe Bailey, 424 Hillvale Turn W. Knoxville 37919, , 637-4477 or 215-2784
o   Bob Becker, 125 E. Columbia Ave. Knoxville 37917, , 524-1524
o   Mark A. Brown, 305 Bona Road Knoxville 37914, , 637-7733, 637-7733, 215-2787
o   Rob Frost, P.O. Box 2466 Knoxville 37901, , 525-1303, 544-3000
o   Steve Hall, 5748 Acapulco Ave, Knoxville 37921, , 584-9567, 522-1195
o   Joe Hultquist, 2240 Fisher Place, Knoxville 37920, , 579-1250
o   Barbara B. Pelot, 8437 Corteland Drive, Knoxville 37909, , 693-0454, 671-1544
o   Marilyn Roddy, 920 Iskagna Drive, Knoxville 37919, , 637-0333, 215-2799
o   Chris Woodhull, 223 Deaderick Avenue, Knoxville 37921, , 661-4131

HINT:  Send each councilperson an individual E-MAIL, Otherwise  the spam filter will delete your E-MAIL.

This site is sponsored by Knoxville City Law Enforcement. Local businesses can participate in the Business Alert Network. Be sure to select your correct business category when you register so that we only send you alerts that impact your company. You can receive these targeted, instantaneous alerts via email, cell phone, pager and fax. Business can receive specific updates on scams or forged checks in the city or county.
   Neighborhood Watch Groups such as West Hills Community Association can have their own dedicated page on Citizen Observer to stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood. You can receive Neighborhood Alerts directly from our department about crimes or other incidents that are uniquely relevant to you. Under the program, participants may be alerted to burglaries and thefts in your community. This is a great service sponsored by Fleenor Security in Knoxville.

This site is sponsored by Knox County Law Enforcement and oriented to the county as the site above.

If you are a senior citizen, chances are pretty good you have a load of things you should get rid of.  If your like the rest of us you would like to give this excess to someone who could use it.   You can also obtain stuff as well as get rid of it.  Everything is fair game . Books, lawnmowers, tools etc. 
This is a great way to clean out a garage. Please don't tell my wife.  There are over  500,000 people into freecycling.  Save the landfills and help the environment .  There are local freecycle groups you can tap.  It's  FREE STUFF   and who doesn't like FREE STUFF.  Click here to go to the
Knoxville Freecycle  Group ==>
1200 Members and climbing.

TICIC Tennessee Internet Crime Information Center
  Legislation was passed in 1997 that established the Tennessee Internet Crime Information Center. Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 38, Chapter 6, Section 116 "The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shall, no later than January 1, 1998, create an office within the bureau to be known as the Tennessee Internet Criminal Information Center (hereinafter TICIC). The purpose of such center is the development, maintenance and updating of an online database, 1-800 Hotline and such other means as are appropriate to provide easily accessible information to members of the public concerning persons of interest to the public safety and welfare..."
   There are three databases all FREE !  1. SEXUAL OFFENDER Registry, Missing Children Registry and  The Out-of State Parole and Supervision Site.
The Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry site is maintained by the  Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. It can be accessed by name, City or Zip Code. I suspect for the  concerned user the zip code will suffice. This is great stuff paid by your tax dollars.

Knoxville Police Dept (KPD) Internet Crimes Against Children
  The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is now on its third grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. We continue to work with thirty other local and state law enforcement agencies across the United States, as well as partner with Federal agencies. We also work with agencies in our community in prevention and intervention of these types of crimes. This past year, we investigated over 190 cases, with 16 arrests and convictions and 8 cases pending court hearings. We have conducted 35 presentations to schools, PTA's, and other civic groups. We have also spent some 400 hours of training for law enforcement, probation and parole. Computer King is proud to know we have such a task force in our city. Keep up the good work  KPD !

 The Register consists of telephone numbers of Tennessee residential telephone subscribers who
have elected not to receive telephone solicitations. Business numbers may not be included on the list.
The law requires the "Do Not Call" Register to be operational by July 1, 2000.  Super idea by the state. Pleae note thta there is a National Do not Call List. It's probobly a good idea to put your name on both lists.
Click here for Natioanl list ==>  DONOTCALL.GOV



The mission of the Office of Homeland Security is to develop and coordinate the implementation of  a comprehensive strategy to secure the state of Tennessee  from terrorist threats and attacks. The Office interacts with the National Office of Homeland Security and coordinates State Homeland Security actions through the     Homeland Security Council. Its also a good place to view Homeland Security Status.

Check this site often.  HELP save a child's life.  You can help. All you have to do is stay awake and  be on the the look out for some of the children that have been abducted.   Suspects and other information is also provided. Lets volunteer to help the children. 


This web site has been vastly improved with Mayor Haslam's election.  There are notices for tax sales and auctions .  It gives out the city agenda and is really worthwhile exploring. Got a beef tell the mayor directly by e-mail. He is good about replying.


The city council is the closest form of democracy for city residents. They are directly elected and should be extremely responsive to the neighborhoods that elected them.  From time to time many in city feel that the city council members are an invisible group. Help guide them with your wishes.  If they perform elect them again, if not save your email and remind them at election time why they didn't get your vote.


Grass roots participation means your neighborhood.  Here is a list of neighborhood organizations.  Every one of them is looking for volunteers.  Meet your neighbors and have some fun.  Getting involved at this level will give you a better prespective of what going on in your home town. It fun and its free.

Knoxville Health Scores
You gotta eat, so pay attention Pilgrim.   The Department of Health is responsible for regulation of food service establishments in Tennessee. State law, regulations, and the inspection program are designed to help ensure that    food service establishments are safe places to eat. The law requires that restaurants have an unannounced inspection at least once every six months to determine if they are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations at the time of inspection. In addition to routine inspections, unannounced inspections are conducted in response to individual complaints. Score of 100 good, Scores below 80 problematical.

 This site is the home of the Knox County Mayor's Office. You get the Knox county budget and agenda's and a list of neighborhoods.  You also get the e-mail for the Knox county Mayor.  Communicate with him. If you're a city resident you also pay county taxes. Don't give all your gripes to the city. If you can pay twice,  you can complain twice!

If you felt that the city council members were invisible, the county commissioners are almost ghosts due to the fact that they are elected by a very large area. They can be more responsive to your concerns, if they hear from you on an ongoing basis. If the only time they hear from constituents is when the bull dozers are in their front yards they may ignore your wishes. Keep them informed. West Hills is in district 3 of Knox County. Now they really don't want you to call, fax or e-mail but on this site you can download a PDF file which will print out all the incriminating evidence such as name , rank and phone number and E-Mail address.  Freedom,  you either use it or lose it ! 

Property Tax Info by Address or Name
You really want to know who owns a piece of property ?   OK ; all you need is an address or name. This is a great resource as you get the name all right but you also get  appraised value , the amount of tax and delinquency if  any.  Now you can get a realistic picture of comparables in your neighborhood and check up on your neighbors.

WHAT'S YOUR HOUSE WORTH by Bank of America
Real Estate Investors really want to know how much your house is worth before they make an offer.   Bank of America provides a great service in giving you exact information, loan calculators and even a loan.  You also get the last three comparable  and their sell price. Once you know that, you may as well check out your neighbors and all of your relatives. Yep this program crosses state lines.  It's a neat program that will keep you and your neighbors talking for a long long time.   All you need is an address.

KGIS Knoxville-Knox County- KuB    Geographic Information System
Geographic information revolves around the question of "Where?" The tools on this KNOX net Where? Web Site provide users with access to various maps and geographic information about Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee. Answering "Where?"-like questions will hopefully be made easier. The maps and related information are derived from various governmental departments within the City of Knoxville, Knox County and the "Knoxville Utilities Board (K.U.B.), who together have created a centralized “geographic information system”: KGIS.  These tools if used with the Bank of America site will let you buy real estate in a more informed basis.  This site is also invaluable to neighborhood  activists if you use the zoning theme  - Displays zoning boundaries & overlays.  Handy for politicos if you use political theme,  as it also show political boundaries.

MPC promotes quality growth through comprehensive planning  and land use controls.  MPC is also supposed to provide competent, objective  advice to elected and appointed officials,  involve the public in the planning process, and  serve as an information  source for citizens and  the business community.  A 30 year observance of MPC shows that they do a pretty competent job. At times rotating MPC staff, aggressive developers with changing plans for developments in your neighborhood, and short term memories for agreements made in the past, make a case for eternal zoning vigilance by any neighborhood.  This  task is now a little easier with internet availability.

If your neighborhood needs to contact the MPC commission members this is the place. Communicate with commission members on zoning issues of interest.

We are Rose-Anne Cunningham Bray and Billie R. McNamara , co-coordinators for the Knox County website.
 Do you have Knox County genealogical or historical information  to share? Dust off that old family Bible; dig out grandpa's store ledgers; 'rediscover' those old pictures. We'd love to link  your information to our site! Please contact us for more details.

This is a very rich site for history, Maps, Environment and statistics.  This the gateway site to the state of tennessee. It new and improving. Check it out often. 

Tim Burchett is the state senator from West Hills. Other state senators are also on this site.

This is a list of the state house of representatives.

A few years ago only the federal government had decent sites. Now the number of government site have proliferated on a federal,state and local  level. is a great clearing house site for all these agencies. It is also a place for news about agencies and also a place to get that govmint job.   Check it out

This  site is the Electronic Activist Site and in addition to Senators and Congressmen also has the Governors.
When sending EMAIL make sure you include your name address and phone.  The Federal folks  have a thing about sending you a letter by post office. They are really not sure about this EMAIL thing and they need to use up their franking privileges. Let them know how you feel. 

The official search engine of the government, FirstGov  consolidates 20,000 government web sites and arranges      them into 16 categories. Browse the links in Money and Taxes to search for unclaimed money, learn about the public debt and find the value of savings bonds. In Healthy People,  find Child Health Insurance Applications, vaccination  information and veterans' health care. In the Environment  and Energy section, learn how to save energy in your home  and find air quality forecasts. In the top left-hand corner,  you'll find featured subjects, such as e-filing your taxes.

The East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard provides Military Honor Guard Graveside services to any deceased honorably discharged veteran of any military service of the United States of America.  The members receive no pay and have been trained in appropriate non denominational graveside services.   They represent the United State Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Service and Coast Guard.  This is a fantastic service by a dedicated set of individuals who donate their time for their fallen comrades and we in Knoxville should be very proud of this group of people.  Our traditions define our lives and we are lucky to have such dedicated souls upholding our traditions.

Americans are owed a share of $300 billion in uncashed checks & non-refunded  deposits, forgotten bank accounts & safe deposit boxes, abandoned stocks & bonds, unpaid  insurance & retirement benefits, and a host of other financial assets.  Assets become abandoned in the eyes of the law after the owner (or rightful heir) fails to make a   deposit or withdrawal on a bank account; forgets to apply for a benefit, insurance policy payout, credit or refund due; holds uncashed any check, money order, or gift certificate; even after a statement is returned as undeliverable by the post office.  If you find a significant amount of money please remember Computer King.

The Tennessee Do Not Call Telephone Sales Solicitation law T.C.A. Section 65-4-401 et seq., directs the
Tennessee Regulatory Authority to promulgate regulations and to compile and maintain a "Do Not Call
Register." The Register consists of telephone numbers of Tennessee residential telephone subscribers who
have elected not to receive telephone solicitations. Business numbers may not be included on the list.
The law requires the "Do Not Call" Register to be operational by July 1, 2000.  Super idea by the state.

KORRnet is the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Regional Network.  This grass-roots effort provides access to community
 information for and about Knoxville, Oak Ridge, and the surrounding area. The network came on-line in Spring 1996 thanks to the work of many dedicated volunteers who recognized the opportunities that today's easy-to-use but powerful communication tools present for citizens who once might never have considered using computer networks. This is a great way to get a feel for the pulse of Metro Knoxville.   Check it out often.