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The Interesting Sites Page includes non-mainstream news and information articles that has been organized around a theme such as oil or energy.  For example the oil companies say we are running out of oil, the data says otherwise. The oil soaked monopoly press and a compliant congress side with the oil companies.  Check out the WATER CAR inventors below and also the Free Energy inventors. How can a simple spark plug double your gas mileage! Check below. There’s been miles of ink wasted on extraterrestrials when we have evidence of a 120 million year old civilization in the Urals of Russia. Much of this information comes from All we have done is to categorize it and present to you, for your entertainment and amazement. The truth is out there!

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Real Solutions to Energy Crisis

Solution #1  Google Movie** Double Your Gas Mileage/ Firestorm Sparkplug
 If your like me, you wish you could choke some of the talking heads at CNN, ABC etc.  They are  truly ignorant of being able to double your gas mileage with something as simple as a spark plug. Check with the firestorm sparkplug by Mr. Robert Krupa.  This sparkplug looks terribly simple but it works ! Think of it, you change sparkplugs and double your gas mileage!  DUH.  If the big boys make it hard to get this sparkplug manufactured, then remember under Current Patent law you can build this sparkplug for yourself. It’s not the only answer but, its’ a start.  SAVE THE PLANET and SAVE SOME CASH and save us from the talking heads.
Firestorm’s Capabilities:

1.  More horsepower;
2.  50% increase in Mile per Gallon
3.  Dramatic decrease in emissions for a better environment by eliminating:
     A.   Smog pumps
     B.   Catalytic converters
     C.   Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems
 Misfire/ hesitation/ detonation/ stutter and stumble

You have read the article checkout the movie ====click here =>  Firestorm Sparkplug Writeup in Nexus

Solution #2  Google Movie * * AIR  CAR uses Compressed Air

Al gore is not dumb, he just owns a lot of Occidental Petroleum oil stock. So while good old Al is pushing Gasoline you could be driving an air car and actually be saving the planet. Your next car may run on air. You only pay $1.20 to get enough air to go 100 Miles. You can pull into one of the AIR STATIONS and you can recharge  your air cylinders in as little as 5 minutes. The Air car will have an air compressor, so  you can recharge your air cylinders in four hours  at home.  The fellows at the farmers market in this movie seem to have the right idea.  It’s simple, cheap and does a nation good.  Check it out great movie. There are three different groups shown in this video. This is not a viable answer for everyone, but when gas hits $5.00 a gallon the AIRCAR may take care of at least 50% of the driving population. Do something useful with your life. Send Al gore or your local broadcaster a copy of this video.

 Solution # 3a.  Google Movie ** WATER CAR    Fuel Cell –TV 6  

Suppose you could take ordinary tap water and convert it to hydrogen gas that could power your car. Suppose you has 47 patents  for this process. And suppose the conversion from water to hydrogen were free. That means no more gasoline, no more utility bills and no more pollution. This is a local TV News Piece showing a Water Fuelled Car, Powering a Dune Buggy. Water Car Inventor, Stanley Meyer gives a quick overview. The movies below show how a high school science project could duplicate this process. You don’t need atomic physics for this.

  Solution #3b.  Google Movie ** Basics of WATER CAR-  Fuel Cell

The Water Car Inventor, Stanley Meyer had a novel idea of cracking ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen. The Water Car gets a mileage of  200 Miles per 4 ounces of water.  He uses simple electrolysis, but uses high frequency and high voltages in order to break the bonds of water into hydrogen. You can see an actual machine that has been patented.  Watch this movie and tell me that we need to worry about global warming.  Meyers has 40 plus patents on this technology and it has implications for replacing gasoline for cars, Electricity for TVA and Power for our obsolete NASA Rockets. Why would you worry about bio fuels, coal tar sands if you had this technology in hand. Of course you could just kill the inventor that’s real innovation.

 Solution #3c. Google Movie ** WATER CAR  Secret Revealed!

 Myers invented a simple way to convert ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen.  This success threatened the Oil, Auto or Utility interests. Myers was paranoid during his lifetime as he didn’t want the government to take his patents for the greater good of the government and not of the people. This lead to his eventual death and or murder. The result of Myers death triggered the release of this video showing the secret of manufacturing the water splitter . This brilliant man has left a bountiful legacy to an energy starved world. 

 Solution # 4a.  Google Movie ** WATER CAR - HHO Gas -Gas Replacement

Denny Klein is CEO of Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. is a R&D company that has a patent on converting water to Hydrogen gas on demand. They believe they can change the world without having to change the world's infrastructure.  Aquygen is a novel hydrogen gas produced inexpensively from water. It is a superior replacement for oxyacetylene in most welding, cutting, and heating applications but can be used with standard equipment. Although the HHO gas was used primarily as a replacement for oxyacetylene, It was discovered, that they could run a car with the gas. Since water was used to produce the gas, They found they could get mileage of 100 Miles on 8oz of water.  Best of all no global warming and you could keep your old SUV.

Solution #4b.  Google Movie** WATER CAR -  HHO NBC TV Clip  

 Aquygen  is a novel gas produced inexpensively from water. It is a superior replacement for oxyacetylene in most welding, cutting, and heating applications but can be used with standard equipment.  The apparatus can be Rented, leased or Purchased.  It runs on distilled water and electric current. Check this out, it is one view of the future. You can get 200 miles per 4 oz. of water.

Solution #5a  Google Movie ** BURN SALTWATER NOT GASOLINE

What a revolting development .  John Kanzius  a retired TV Station executive and Inventor was looking for a cure for cancer. The idea being to inject a patient with gold which would migrate to the cancer cells and be absorbed by radio frequency waves.  It is assumed that he used some salt water as a calibration device. You could say he had some bad luck as the salt water started to burn at 1500 degrees. OK so he doesn’t have a cure for cancer, but he does have a solution to the energy crisis, unless Bush and the oil companies can stop you from going to the sea. Check it out !

Solution #5B  Solution to Energy Crisis BURN SALTWATER

Using microwaves to ignite saltwater . Check this out.  The only energy crisis is at the one defined by oil soaked monopoly  press. The idea is a fascinating one as a Florida man searching for a cancer cure may have stumbled onto a virtually limitless source of energy: salt water.  

John Kanzius, 63, is a broadcast engineer who formerly owned several TV and radio stations, before retiring in Sanibel Island, Fla. But in the midst of his experiments as he was trying to take salt out of water, Kanzius discovered his machine could do what some may have thought was impossible: making water burn. "On our way to try to do desalinization, we came up with something that burns, and it looks in this case that salt water perhaps could be used as a fuel to replace the carbon footsteps that we've been using all these years, i.e., fossil fuels," Kanzius said.

Step #6a.  Google Movie   Who Killed the The Electric Car in 2006 ?

Sony Pictures has a movie on who killed the Electric Car.  Looking at this Movie trailer is educational and sobering. General Motors had a winner in 1996-2006.  Electric cars that were produced were damn fast and the electricity cost the equivalent of sixty cents per gallon of gas.  GM shredded brand new electric cars and replaced them with the Hummer. Ever wonder why GM is going bankrupt. They deserve it.  The average pilgrim drives 29 miles a day.  The EV1 was not the answer for everyone but it was suitable for about 70% of the American population. Since this movie was made, the batteries have gotten better and conversion to DC energy via PEMDA  is now practical .  Check this out.


 Check out the Pictures of GM Cars that were being shredded in 2006. The the oil companies bought up all the good electric battery patents. Duh !  Check this article out. Don’t believe the myth that we are running out of gas.  Because we sure ain’t running out of baloney.  Very thoughtful site with great insights for those who want the truth.

EESTOR – Super Breakthrough in Capacitors

The company claims to have developed a superior type of supercapacitor, using barium titanate coated with aluminum oxide and glass, to achieve a level of capacitance much higher than what is currently available in the market.Using this technology the company claims that it can produce a high energy storage device that will rival chemical batteries. The company has started construction of new production facilities to bring their innovative product to market. Toronto, Canada-based Feel Good Cars, which operates Zenn Motor, said in the last week of April, 2007, that it had invested $2.5 million in EEStor. If the technology works as claimed, a five-minute charge costing $9 would give the battery enough energy to drive a small car 500 miles.

ZENN Motor Co.  Zero Emission No Noise

Don’t let Al Gore see this or he will sell all his occidental oil stock. This company has a small neighborhood car that goes 245 miles on a battery charge. The cost of an electricity  charge is  $2.45.  This car meets the strict definition of the Dendrinos Protocol  i.e. don’t try to solve all the worlds problems at on time. Start small.  These guys developed a  cheap neighborhood car that can be charged up over night.  Check the movie.  This is one awesome car and shows what the future holds.   This car should have an AARP  good housekeeping seal of approval. I also like the name of the corporation “FEEL GOOD CARS INC”.  They have invested in the battery breakthu above.

Russians Discover UNLIMITED OIL SUPPLY In 1970 !
You can find oil anywhere in the world ! Through the use of Deep Oil wells the Russians have created an  Unlimited  Oil Supply . In 1970 the Russians started drilling  an exploration  well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40, 230 feet. Since then,  Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century. There may be some truth here. For sure there is plenty of propaganda. The scary part is that the Russians are one of the world's leading producers of  oil.  If they have duplicated this feat in Vietnam, China and  India, our economy may be in trouble.

ELECTRIC FUSION - Proven, Safe, Cheap Energy Device for 2030
US Physicist Dr. Robert W. Bussard has produced proven consistent multiple working prototypes of a fusion device that does not need to release neutrons as part of the fusion process. Neutrons induce radioactivity to their immediate surroundings - only one of the Achilles heels of the Tokamak project. The massive (30 meters X 110 feet - see the scientist in lower left quadrant) Tokamak/ITER project (D-T/Deuterium - Tritium) fusion reaction produces about 20 million units of energy mostly in the deadly neutron (neutral charge) production and requires gravitational strength containment/compression, while Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion reaction produces about 10 million units of energy per reaction, requires much weaker electric forces/fields for confinement of the reaction and is only about 2% of the size (about 15 X 12 feet) of the Tokamak reactor. The disinformation business is alive and well. The Navy doesn’t want you to know about this process.  There is an internecine warfare going on with various technological dead ends such as cold fusion.  Estimates by CIA Remote Viewers suggest that the first operational Fusion device will occur in 2030 and 2033.  Watching Oak Ridge  and other labs scrapping for big budgets is the reason for the delays out to 2030.   Radioactive Tokamak technology has received 18 billion dollars of US subsidy with 30 billion more earmarked for future development.  The National Goal should be “Fusion without Fuss”.

Russians Discover Human DNA is a "biological internet"

‘The human DNA is a “biological Internet” with evidence that DNA can be ‘influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.’ This suggests that ‘our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as data storage and communication.’ The Russian scientists and linguists have found that the genetic code ‘follows the same rules as all our human languages.’ In effect, human language did not appear coincidentally but is a reflection of our DNA. In summary Boris can play your DNA like a harp!  Also explains tower of Babel.

Google Movie ** The Great  Global Warming Swindle (Complete)

This short program, produced and shown in England, destroys the arguments put forward by Al Gore and the human caused Global Warming activists. This is a super,75 Minute, professionally directed movie about the Global Warming brain washing going on. There are lies, lies and damn lies. Global Warming is the latter.

Google Movie ** A Short Terrifying Message from Al Gore

This is a sequel to “The Sky is Falling” by Chicken Little. From the creators of Futurama comes a terrifying message from Al Gore. An Inconvenient Truth is now playing in theaters.

Google Movie** By BBC  Global Dimming Prevents Global Warming

Scientists have discovered a new phenomena called Global Dimming. The pollution from our factories, cars and aeroplanes reduces the amount of sunlight hitting the ground and also reflects sunlight back to space. The global dimming contributes to global cooling.  Watch this video it gives you a good feel about the trades offs that the globalist must make. If we improve global dimming we will certainly kill ourselves with global warming.  The British Broadcasting System has done an outstanding job. Be sure to see part 2 -5.

Answer to Australia’s Drought The Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster

The Wilhelm Reich cloudbuster (CB) was well known for its ability to create rain. By utilizing the research of Wilhelm Reich, we have created a cheap, portable and easy to build device that consistently destroys Chemtrails and heals the atmosphere.  You can build one for about $150. Don’t evacuate many drought stricken areas, just make it rain.

Gulf Stream Faltering Is Ice Age Coming

 From a billion dollar crop loss in California to devastating windstorms across Europe, the Northern Hemisphere is in the grip of some of the worst winter weather seen in decades. In mid December 2006, the Gulf Stream faltered for approximately ten days. On December 11, a well-defined drain of southward moving warm water appeared, and persisted until December 19, when it began to close. By December 21, the stream appeared relatively normal, but the volume of the subsurface flow remains an open question. Had this situation persisted for a month, it would have caused a major climate catastrophe in Europe. (Click here ==>to see FUTURE.)  The Gulf stream is the forcing function which will determine weather . check it out.  Why the Government is keeping silent on Global Warming ! Perhaps we should be worried about global cooling Mr. Gore. We probably won’t be told about this until England freezes over.

Google Movie ** Tesla Free Energy Race to Zero Point Energy

This movie is for physicists of a high caliber. Although it is explained as simply as possible it covers a broad range of concepts beyond the range of the average  rocket scientist. It is an astounding documentary that is done in a first class matter tying tesla  and Moray to Townsand Brown. Watch it so you won’t be ignorant of the great names in physics.

 The Tesla Electric Car without the Battery

The Electric car started out as being the way to go in auto transportation.  If you want to get a real feel for the electric car, you don't have too reinvent the wheel.  Tesla was  one of the most important inventors of the twentieth century and beyond.  There appears to be a renaissance for old technology that could benefit makind.  You probably won't believe that Tesla accomplished  what he did !  Lay that at the door of a poor scientific education  of GAP  Generally Accepted Practices.  Read this article!

Simplification – Tom Bearden and “FREE ENERGY”

The crux of Tom Bearden's published work, ultimately, is to reveal that the current 'energy' system is and has been deliberately flawed and curtailed preventing the acquisition of using 'free and abundant' sources of energy freely from the 'vacuum of space-time.  Leslie R. Pastor has done a masterful job of  laying out the short form of the problem.  The sites after this one are Google movies straight from the horses mouth.


This video puts most gravational explanation of cosmology in a cocked hat. It does a great job of showing that electricity rules and can explain a pretty large number of mythologies. It even makes Testla look good. This film is 1 to 3 hrs long but I assure you that most competent physicists will be mesmerized. Check this out.  Bearden below gives a lot of credit to Tesla and his electricity theories but this video provides proof.

Google Movie ** Col. Tom Bearden On Tesla’s Forgotten Work

Tom Bearden talks about how Oliver Heaviside simplified Maxwell‘s electricity equations from 20 degrees of freedom down to 4. This has resulted in  Physics in America being  screwed up for a 100 years. Everyone got used to a 4 degree of freedom system and did not see what was possible with a 20 degree of freedom system. The Russians had no such problem.  Tesla was the most fantastic genius for the last 150 years.   As far back as 1870, He had a way to transmit Radio, TV, Internet and Electricity around the world.  If you’re a Physicist, you have got to watch this google movie.  If you’re a serious physics student and smart enough, and can think independently outside the box of academia, you might want want to check this out. Nickola Tesla by the way was a guy that created the AC Motor and the AC Generator and high voltage  transmission and Radio. This resulted in AC Electricity for the betterment of our current civilization around 1870.  Check the Tesla Patents .

If our serious in learning  about Tesla’s Physics  click on Links below

 Google Movie ** Tom Bearden on Tesla  Part 1

 Google Movie ** Tom Bearden on Tesla  Part 2

 Google Movie ** Tom Bearden on Tesla  Part 3

 Google Movie ** Tom Bearden on Tesla  Part 4

 Google Movie ** Tom Bearden on Tesla  Part 5 Japanese Seminar

 Google Movie ** Tesla Inventions – Very Graphic 

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Patent by Tom Bearden 
 Get  free  2500 Watts of electricity from this gadget.  The operant word is FREE FREE  !

In March 2002, Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. Bearden,  James C. Hayes, Kenneth D. Moore, and James L.  Kenny received US Patent # 6,362,718 for the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG), a scalar energy  device that produces over unity (AKA "Free Energy"); in conventional terms, the device has a Coefficient of  Performance (COP) of 5.0.   The first commercial units should be rolling off the production lines in about one year, and  we expect them to be closed loop self powering systems of about 2.5 KW output, but modular.  Self Powering is another word for  FREE  ELECTRICITY.
The Patent gives enough information for someone with a good electrical background to build one. Try it !

*History of Work on Successful Antigravity  *

Google Movie  **  Simple Do It Yourself   Antigravity Project

As a physicist Antigravity is a hard concept. Watch this movie and duplicate the antigravity experiment. All you need is (4) AA batteries, (1) old CD, (1) Coke or Pepsi can, some scotch tape, a DIME, and a 3x5 card. You will be intrigued by this simple experiment. A great rainy day project that you can do with your grandchildren.  Thank god for Google video it keeps you off the streets.

Google Movie ** Stan DeyoSucessful Anti Gravity  Technology

This Google movie is awesome because, you are getting a lecture from someone who has worked on America’s anti-gravity research and really knows his stuff.  Yes Virginia they did original research and also  back engineered Roswell UFO’s .    Stan Deyo has been  a frequent guest on Coast-to-Coast  every night at 12:00 PM EST.  He explains antigravity in a simple manner.

The Movies below go back to 1977 and you can get a look at Stan Deyo’s bonafides. So if we had working antigravity devices in  1977, is too far fetched to believe that we now have colonies on the moon and mars. Check out NASA Hacker Mckinnon.

Google Movie  ** Part 1 - Steven Spielberg UFO Documentary 1977  with Stan Deyo 

Google Movie  ** Part 2 - Steven Spielberg UFO Documentary 1977  with Stan Deyo  

Google Movie  ** Part 3 -Steven Spielberg UFO Documentary 1977  with Stan Deyo


This is a web site devoted to American Anti Gravity articles. Check it out !

 Google Movie ** NAZI Germany’s  Anti-Gravity Program in Antartica

This Google movie is a  UFO Documentary from Russia May 2006, 'Secrets of the Third Reich II' (a Follow Up), amongst others about Nazi Bases in Antarctica (and ... all » much more) ... broadcasted in RUSSIAN MAINSTREAM MEDIA that Anti-Gravity was worked on in Germany in the 1930’s.  This is a 43 Min. movie, but it has some wide reaching implications.  The only downside to this video is that it is in Russian. Great film footage.

Google Movie ** American UFO’s and The Secret Government

The guy giving this lecture could put you to sleep.  The information he gives however will keep you wide awake and alert. It appears that our military has known about UFO’s forever, but they were getting beat up by the aliens. Since armed forces exist to protect you, they will only reluctantly admit that they were impotent. There has been a world wide directed effort above Presidents, Premiers etc to achieve equity with the aliens. Tons of technology was suppressed by a variety of means, so that the aliens thought we were backwards. We have had working American UFO’s as far back as 1960. It took trillions of dollars to fund this secret research. The cold war, Vietnam and Iraq war were designed so that money could be siphoned off for these black projects. Our American UFO fleet is a NAVY project. Join the NAVY and see the Galaxy. Extraterrestrial  Bases are currently on the Moon and possibly Mars.  Check this out  ! 

Google Movie * *   The Secret Underground Lectures of Commander X

A high-ranking officer of the CIA's Remote Viewing project tells us what he has seen. Secret bases, mind control, aliens  controlling Geroge Bush.  One claim is many UFO’s are of German Origin. Check it out it is definitely interesting.  Great photos of old German UFO’s.

 How to USE HAARP to Control Weather, Minds and Global Warming

Title speaks for itself. Dr. Nick Begich, son of Senator Nick Begich Sr., has been active in the sciences for quite some time. He has put ... all » out a lot of information on global warming, contrails, and the HAARP project. His radio show can be heard at  This a Google Movie worth watching. 

Extraterrestrial Genes found in Human DNA !

Tunnel Boring Machines used By Air Force & Navy

This is a picture of an Air Force Tunnel Boring machine.  There are variations of this machine that were designed for the Moon and Mars. The Navy is manning the alleged bases on the Moon and Mars. Please note that much of this work goes back to early 50’s. You don’t have to go off planet.  You could build a nice survival city in the Great Smoky Mts. If you stay awake you will find the the Smoky Mt. Park keeps getting bigger and they generally don’t want roads or humans trampling around the area.

John Titor : The Story of a Time Traveler

This is a page dedicated to John Titor who talked on the Coast to Coast Radio Program late at night. There were some interesting prophesies made.  Check them out. Ater you read this and you want information on the coming civil war, I suggest you go to Google Video and search for :  Nick Rockefeller.

Stan Deyo formerly of Australia/ USA has put this site together.  A great resource site for your children on Volcanoes, Earthquakes ,Solar Events ,and Oceans.  Checkout the newsletter section some of his newsletters are fascinating. As with many of these sites there is just too much but it is great. If you were ever a Boy Scout and thought that you needed to be prepared for some future catastrophic event like a good old East Tennessee Ice Storm, this site has all the check lists and good ideas you will need.  Stan is a super guy that does good forward thinking. 

A Global 3-D Wifi Spy Satellite Provokes NRO Crisis

MIRIAH (Microwave Interferometry Radiating Incrementally Accumulating Holography, Patent #6,452,532 - Sept. 17, 2002) is indeed turning heads at the Pentagon, NRO, NASA and in Industry.  MIRIAH is everybody´s Spy in the Sky. It´s like a Google Globe but in 3D and in real time. It´s like Internet, but with universal wireless remote wifi access without webservers. Anyone anywhere, will be able to virtually walk around anything or anyone, anywhere. Users will swoop down and walk around objects on the other side of the world.

Royal Raymond Rife A Electronic Cure for All Disease

Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888 and died in 1971. After studying at Johns Hopkins, Rife developed technology which is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation. It is a fair statement that Rife practically developed bioelectric medicine himself. A friend of Tesla's he developed an electronic method of curing all disease.  He did all this in 1934 and his discoveries can be documented.  

Antoine Priore's Electronic Healing Machines Cure Cancer Etc.
In the 1960's and 1970's Priore in France rediscovered Tesla and Rife's work. With the Backing of the french Government, he built and tested electromagnetic machines that had 100% effective cure rate on all kinds of cancers and lukemia's.  Breakthroughs come from hard science and the ability to read. The rest of the establishment is running for the cure.

A Little Light Hearted Galactic Humor/Philosophy

This is a musical E card with a little light hearted philosophy thrown in. This is for those days when your absolutely sure you’re the master of the universe.  This galactic musical will put things in perspective. 

* * *    Energy Sources and Their  Inventions * * * 

New Energy Sources and Their Inventions

It occurs to many citizens as they read newspaper articles on Government Labs as Oak Ridge and Los Alamo etc. that the pace of new energy research is going at a glacial pace.  The discoveries go back to the 1880 starting with Nicola Tesla.  This man’s contribution to human well being has been suppressed to the point that most electrical engineers have no idea of the rich patent portfolio this man generated. He gave mankind the AC Motors and the AC Generators   that are used in every facet of life. In addition he created high voltage power lines that could move large amounts of electricity over large distances with very small electrical losses.

Inventors of machines or devices of high energy efficiency capability ("Free" Energy) are not only refused patents, but that in most cases, their inventions are classified under the "Military Use Clause", which is, of course, intentional. Inventors are prohibited from publishing details of their devices or promoting them in any manner and their invention is classified under this clause. In other words, their devices automatically become the sole property of the "establishment".

 Five of the Most Promising Clean Energy Technologies

A review of Roger Stringham's "sonofusion”; various solid-state devices by Magnetic Power, Inc.; Paulo and Alexandra Correa's Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge; Lawrence Nelson's "electron trap"; and the Rauen Environmental Heat Engine. Something to consider ! 

This Week in Free Energy
 You might want to remember this site when the price of Oil goes to $4.00/Gallon.  The nice thing about this site is that there is nothing to read just a bunch of streaming audio presentations. If your going on a long boring trip fill your Ipod with this.

 Biggest  Breakthrough In Vehicle Power Yet.
A new Dutch invention can make cars, busses and other vehicles no less than 50 percent more efficient and thus more environmentally friendly. Better still, the technology is already available; it all comes down to a smart combination of existing systems. The future of the in-wheel electric engine seems bright. Applying Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator above to the Dutch In-wheel transmission, you could effect a real change in ecology and the economy.

 Kohei Minato and the Japan Magnetic Fan Company
Minato's motors consume just 20 percent or less of the power of conventional motors with the same torque and horse power. They run cool to the touch and produce almost no acoustic or electrical noise. They are significantly safer and cheaper (in terms of power consumed), and they are sounder environmentally. The implications are enormous. In the US alone, almost 55 percent of the nation's electricity is consumed by electric motors. While most factory operators buy the cheapest motors possible, they are steadily being educated by bodies like NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) that the costs of running a motor over a typical 20-year lifespan comprise a purchase price of just 3 percent of the total, and electricity costs of 97 percent. It is not unusual for a $2,000 motor to consume $80,000 of electricity (at a price of .06 cents per kilowatt hour) .

Russians Discovered Unlimited Oil Supply In 1970 !
Through the use of Deep Oil wells the Russians have created an  Unlimited  Oil Supply . In 1970 the Russians started drilling  an exploration  well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40, 230 feet. Since then,  Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century. There may be some truth here. For sure there is plenty of propaganda. The scary part is that the Russians are one of the world's leading producers of  oil.  If they have duplicated this feat in Vietnam, China and  India, our economy may be in trouble.

Americans Discover Oil Fields are Refilling Themselves !
Americans are theoretically 30 years behind Russia in finding out that Oil Fields are refilling themselves. Deep underwater, and deeper underground, scientists see surprising hints that gas and oil deposits can be replenished, filling up again, sometimes rapidly. Although it sounds too good to be true, increasing evidence from the Gulf of Mexico suggests that some old oil fields are being refilled by petroleum surging up from deep below, scientists report. That may mean that current estimates of oil and gas abundance are far too low. Remember that the Oil industry has been saying every year since 1900 that we only have 20 years of oil reserves. Recent measurements in a major oil field show "that the fluids were changing over time; that very light oil and gas were being injected from below, even as the producing [oil pumping] was going on," said chemical oceanographer "Chuck"Kennicutt. "They are refilling as we speak. But whether this is a worldwide phenomenon, we don't know.  Here's a suggestion  Chuck , ask Russia , Vietnam or India.

Roswell UFO’s- Reverse Engineered

Google Movie * * The DAY AFTER ROZWELL Col. Philip J. Corso  

Col Phillip J. Corso wrote the book,” The Day after Roswell” which delineated the steps Corso used to disseminate  Alien technology to Bell labs, Hughes Technology etc.  Corso is dead but this is a movie made while he was alive. Corso speaks of, fiber optics, night vision, composite materials, laser, and the micro chip. They may not have a clear line of development over decades. However ones has to ask why these technologies were pursued;  nobody needed them and we are still discovering their true potential.   Alien reverse engineering could have inspired their research.        UFO - Col. Philip J. Corso - The Day After Roswell Part 2

 Google Movie ** NASA Hacker McKinnon Tells ALL  

When this story broke a few months ago,  it seemed good for a few laughs After all everyone knows that America has no Americanski UFO’s in SPACE or do they.  McKinnon gives a pretty good story of what he found. The bad part is that our security sucks. Check it out.
Click Here ====> UFO Hacker Gary Mckinnon Interview Part 2 of 2   

Google Movie ** Artificial Structures on the Moon

This movie concerns artificial structures found on the moon.  NASA air brushed many of these photos from publicity pictures. Whenever the government tells us the truth we may find that we quite a bit of evidence for advanced civilizations going back 400 million years. 

John Lear’s Scoop on Non-Terrestrial Navy

John Lear, a Lockheed L-1011 Captain, known for his revelations about aerial phenomena and UFOs claims that we have had UFO recoveries as far back an the late 1930’s .  Apparently there are 18 different alien species that the government knows about. This is an interesting picture that John Lear paints. May also explain why Hubble telescope doesn’t work on the moon and why NASA wants to dump it.  Fascinating read!

The US and other allied countries have been back engineering UFO's since Roswell. This has resulted in the US having in its possession a fleet of its own  UFO's .  We probably have bases on the moon and closer planets. Unfortunately we have a bad habit of trying to shoot down every UFO we see. Check out the article by a former Canadian Minister of Defense who feels that we may be starting a intergalactic war. Minister Hellyer feels that Canada did not sign up for a Galactic war. Oddly enough the president, Joint Chiefs and Congressional Oversight committees do not have a need to Know and cannot get a straight answer from Lockheed, Grumman or SCSI.  This is a fully laden site with tons of information.  Check this out! This is big story and it will blow your mind.

 Dr. Steven Greer's Interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio

This is an insightful interview with Dr. Greer, by George Noory on Coast to Coast Radio.   That is FM 100 on your Knoxville Tn.  Radio dial.  In this interview you will learn that we have plenty of energy sources that can alleviate any energy crisis imaginable.  The interview format was awesome! You got to read this.

 Is George Bush's Starting an Intergalactic War  by Weaponizing Space?

Paul Hellyer former Minister of Defense warns that the U.S. military is about to get the world involved in an intergalactic war with space aliens and he's asking the Canadian parliament to hold public hearings on exo-politics — or relations with extraterrestrials.  Hellyer says the Bush administration has approved a base on the moon to shoot at visitors from outer space. And, while he admits that he doesn't have any inside information on the alien presence, Hellyer insists, "UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."


In his book, The Day After Roswell, co-authored with William Birnes,  Col. Corso declared that extraterrestrials were abducting civilians, violating U.S. airspace, and destroying aircraft sent to intercept them. He viewed the extraterrestrials as a direct threat to U.S national security and declared: "For over fifty years, now, the war against UFOs has continued as we tried to defend ourselves against their intrusions" (The Day After Roswell, p. 290). Elsewhere in The Day After Roswell, Corso describes the national security threat posed by UFOs and the need for a military weaponization program to target and shoot down UFOs conducting such violations. He specifically championed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) as the appropriate response to extraterrestrial intrusions, and that the US and USSR both knew what SDI's true purpose was directed to the aliens.

ARMY’S Remote Viewing Program & Underground UFO Alien Bases

Remote Viewing is a very controversial thing. But what is even more controversial is when the best Remote Viewers have perceptions of several underground UFO bases on Earth. Some months ago the former Canadian minister of defence asked Canadian Parliament to hold hearings on relations with alien "ET" civilizations. He speaks of finally disclosing the biggest secret in human history, ET presence on Earth.   When then Lt. F. Holmes 'Skip' Atwater began the US Army Remote Viewing Star Gate program in 1978, he had no idea that he'd challenge his viewers with targets like underground UFO bases.

The  first two links below,  the 120 Million year old map, and an 8000 year old atomic blast in India,  would suggest that there have been more advanced civilizations preceding ours. It would also suggest that mankind has managed to extinguish itself for a long period of time.  The third link  points to the use of scalar electromagnetic weapons which could be used to accomplish this today, especially  if you don't like a belief in killer asteroids.


Evidence of Advanced TVA Like Civilization 120 Million Years Ago
A 120 million  year old map of the Urals in Russia was found in 1999 on huge slabs of rock.  This map is of a huge Hydroelectric Dam  region that existed in Urals 120 million years age. On the map, a giant irrigative system could be seen: in addition to the rivers, there are two 500-metre-wide channel systems, 12 dams, 300-500 metres wide, approximately 10 km long and 3 km deep each. The dams most likely helped in turning water in either side, while to create them over 1 quadrillion cubic metres of earth was shifted. Here in Knoxville Tennessee we have the Tennessee Valley Authority who put up marking showing their various Dams. Imagine if you will a TVA like REGION  peopled with an advanced civilization  120 million years ago.  The age of human kind has been pushed  back from 3500 years old to 120 million years old, if this map can be corroborated. One theory is that we have had at least 3  (Extinction Level Events)   ELE's  as popularized in the movie Impact. The only problem has been, that only in the last 50 years, have we gotten proof that one of the  ELE's  that took out the dinosaurs. Check this out!  For those who are open minded, you may want  to revise your History/Geological texts.  Could our  ancestors of 120 Million years ago be peeking in on us from time to time. 

Ancient City In India Irradiated By Nuclear Blast  8,000 Years Ago.
Van Donigan claimed that they had a nuclear war in India 8000 years ago.  This war was clearly laid out in an Indian Holy Book the Mahabharata .This book clearly describes a catastrophic blast that rocked the continent. "A single projectile charged with all the power in the Universe...An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race. Everyone scoffed 50 years ago at Von Donigan  Theory, that is until they stumbled on the site in India.  Radiation is still so intense, that the area is highly dangerous A heavy layer of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, India, covers a three square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. Scientists have unearthed an ancient city where evidence shows an  atomic blast dating back thousands of years, from 8,000 to 12,000 years, destroyed most of the buildings and  probably a half million people. One researcher estimates that the nuclear bomb used was about the size of the ones dropped on Japan in 1945. 

Piri Reis Map shows Anartica 4000 Years Ago.
The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC. You may have noticed a theme here.  Advanced mankind has been on the earth much longer than we have been led to believe.  Hmmm ?

Dogon Tribe of Mali Learn Astronomy from Extraterrestrials ?
The Dogon Tribe lives in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu in the southwestern portion of the Sahara Desert in Africa. Central to their religious teachings is knowledge about the Sirius star system, which includes a star which is invisible to the naked eye and, in fact, so difficult to observe -- even through a telescope -- that no known photographs were taken of it until 1970. The Dogon, however, do not claim a superior technology, but say they received their knowledge by visitors to the earth from another star system. The star the Dogon described is Sirius B, apparently a white dwarf star.  Astronomers of the Modern breed had begun to suspect something as early as 1844, based on irregularities in the movement of Sirius A.  By 1862, a faint companion star was finally detected, and it was assumed that its extreme density and heaviness was sufficient to exert an influence on Sirius A. The Dogon had already named Sirius B, “Po Tolo”, a name which includes the word for star (tolo) and “po”, the name of the smallest seed known to them.They had in fact described the star’s size by noting that it was, “the smallest thing there is.”They also had recognized that it was both white and “the heaviest star”. The Dogon idea of their being a Sirius C, aka Emme Ya, was not accorded any real respect until 1995, when two French Astronomers published their results, after years of study, of what was apparently a small, red-dwarf star within the Sirius star system [1]The conclusion was based on perturbations in the orbits that could not be explained by any other means.

Moving Big Rocks

DIY Stonehenge. Everyone wants to build one  ! Wally Wallington has demonstrated that he can lift a Stonehenge-sized pillar weighing 22,000 lbs and moved a barn over 300 ft. What makes this so special is that he does it using only himself, gravity, and his incredible ingenuity.   Intresting  video .

ABOUT.COM’s 10 Most Puzzling Artifacts 2.8 Billion Years Ago

The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve just a few thousand years ago, by some fundamentalist interpretations. Science informs us that this is mere fiction and that man is a few million years old, and that civilization just tens of thousands of years old. Could it be, however, that conventional science is just as mistaken as the Bible stories? There is a great deal of archeological evidence that the history of life on earth might be far different than what current geological and anthropological texts tell us. The artifacts shown in this collection can go back 2.8 Billion Years. Mankind is much older that we know. Check the evidence.


Who Caused the Big Blackout of 2003
For decades Russia has been researching Nikola Tesla's powerful (EM) Electromagnetic weapons.  Using Tesla's technology Russia can neutralize electricity anywhere at any time they wish from inside Soviet Union. With EM weapons Russia can neutralize the electrical systems on planes, satellites, or any system that runs on electricity or electrical activity in the nervous systems such as in the human body.  When ever you hear of a airplane crashing and nothing is recorded on the black box, that is a case where electrical systems have been duded or neutralized by electromagnetic weapons. Please checkout the Tesla Patents and ask yourself why there aren't statutes to Nicola Tesla  humanity's benefactor.

Twelve Things You Should Know about Scalar Magnetic Weapons
This Page is designed for those with a strong math background and a taste for what appears on the surface to be another piece of  science fiction.  Scalar magnetic weapons had their start back in 1904 with Nicola Testla.  Nick may as well have  deplaned from a spaceship, as he single handedly,  created useful  AC Electricity and has the patents to prove it, yet the average  engineer  is ignorant of this man and his stunning achievements.  Scalar magnetic weapons  are the true weapons of mass destruction and after reading this paper you will wonder what would Saddam do with this technology.  It might explain the Iraq war and why no one in the military says they were looking for atomic bombs but weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION. You are living in the generation that has the ability to kill all life on this earth.  Read this article, see if you don't agree.

Historical Background of Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons
The Russians took much USA developed technology from Tesla and Moray to produce scalar Electromagnetic Weapons of Mass Destruction.  This historical narrative lays out the twists and turns of this technology.  The technology is capable of killing everyone on earth with very little  effort.  It also has the ability to effect weather change and trigger earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.  The paper indicates that the Scalar weapon has been used successfully  against submarines, aircraft and even space launches.  This is really thought provoking if true and is definitely scary !

Will Iraq Be World's First  Electromagnetic 'Scalar' War?
 If this article doesn't scare you and make you think,  you are brain dead!  There is a rather frightening possibility that this war will involve the use of scalar electromagnetic weapons, by any of a number of possessors of such weapons.The generic name and keyword for this class of  weapon is "DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS" .They are also called "Longitudinal Wave Interferometers," or "Tesla  Howitzers", and use longitudinal (LW) electromagnetic (EM) waves to accomplish true action-at-a-distance. These are the weapons Khrushchev spoke of 40 years ago, when he declared:  "We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak,     which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on  earth. It is a fantastic weapon." Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960.  The movie " CORE"  showing March 2003 is probably based  on this weapon.  The weapon in the movie had disastrous effects.  A cautionary tale perhaps ?

Government  Controls Hurricanes with Scalar Magnetics?
The key discovery made by Tesla in the late 1800's was that the earth itself reverberated with a pulsing electrical current in the low ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range. Tesla had also discovered the exact frequency at which the earth normally pulsates. The United States has made many towers [HAARP, GWEN, etc.] to pulse with the exact ELF frequency of the normal earth pulsation.  Scientists have learned how to not only create, but also how to maneuver and direct storms. Tesla's discovery can duplicate almost every single phenomena of nature, from cyclones to tornados; and now, with Solar Power Satellites used in conjunction with land based towers, weather Control is just that simple. If you look at the Tom Bearden's web site you will see that the  Russians have had this technology for at least 30 years. Hurricane Charley or hurricane Ivan  could possibly be man made.   Ivan   Humm !  You could now add tsunami's and earthquakes to the list.

The Coming Scalar Terrorism
 You've wondered why we invaded Iraq.  Perhaps the weapon of mass destruction is a scalar interferometer which is not very big, but is very powerful.  Scalar magnetic weapons have been around for 50 years. Russia had them for 30 years before America knew of them. Read this article to find out what terrorist could do with them. The card which Bearden believes will be the one to cause the "house" of America to fall is our highly vulnerable centralized power grid. Taking down the power grid hubs with scalar interferometers is almost child's play. This is true assymetrical scalar terrorism, whereby a relatively small attack can have a huge disastrous effect. With no electrical power for even six months, something very doable, the entire economy of America would collapse. This is a must read.

Scalar Electromagnetics Wars "The True Weapons of Mass Destruction"
 "At any point and at any time, one can freely and  inexpensively extract enormous EM energy flows directly  from the active vacuum itself." Tom Bearden .  I guess the first thing to try to comprehend is that a "new" kind of  electromagnetic (EM) wave has been discovered in the empty vacuum of space which, when engineered, can be an inexhaustible supply of energy in great magnitude at any place in the universe.  If you are a scientist,  you will want to read this.  It could change our future as we know it.

 This site is Tom Bearden's WEBSITE where,  for the serious scientist,  you could find hours of fascinating reading in a wide range of fields.  As is the instance with many guru's, you will find  BEARDEN,  to be multi disciplinary and mentally wide ranging. This type of thinking  is not for the typical atomic scientist. I admire the man for only a few of the things I knew he accomplished, but this WEBSITE shows so much more.  I guarantee you will be enthralled and astonished at this one man's accomplishments.  Could Tom be from outer space and living in Huntsville Alabama?

Rex Research Links
Research was established in 1982 by Robert A. Nelson to archive and distribute information about "unconventional", suppressed, dormant, or emerging sciences, technologies, inventions, theories, therapies, and miscellaneous alternatives that offer real hope of liberating humanity. Little has changed for the better since then, but Freedom, Truth, Love and Earth are more gravely wounded, while Time is accelerating/compressing -- running out -- in these latter days of this era of civilization as we knew it.  Bulltrade links in our stock market section was great, but this site is even more challenging for serious students and scientists.

3D Rewritable Atomic Holographic Optical Data Storage
  Why Rewritable Atomic Holographic Storage Using Reprogrammable Transparent Optical atomic switch?
How about  6,840 raw uncompressed high quality Video/ TV hours,    or    2,100,000 chest x-rays,   or nearly 10,000,000 high-resolution images, or 30,000 four-drawer filing cabinets of documents, or 20,000 DVD'S Worm's , or 4,000 BLU-Ray Worm disk's on ONE 10 Terabyte 3.5 in. removable disc.  Radiology will never be the same again.  Yeah  I need 10 terabytes for my movie collection.  Eat your heart out IPOD !

Time Travel: Time Can Be Turned Back
  Time has been one of the most complicated and less studied scientific issues since ancient times. Eight years ago, American and British scientists who conducted investigations in Antarctica made a sensational discovery. US physicist Mariann McLein told the researchers noticed some spinning gray fog in the sky over the pole on January 27 which they believed to be just ordinary sandstorm. However, the gray fog did not change the form and did not move in the course of time. The researchers found that a ballon that went in the fog went back exactly 30 years in time.  Stay tuned  for Stargate Antartica.  Science fiction is getting too close to science fact. Check this out if you dare !  AN actual time travel machine is being developed at Los Alamos using “Z” effect.

Genetically Modified Pharmaceutical Maize "Killer Corn"
The United States food chain has been contaminated by Genetically Modified (GM) maize plants used to produce pharmaceutical or industrial chemicals.  You can stop worrying about Saddam, and start worrying about a clear and present danger to the world from the US Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. The next piece of corn bread you eat could be fatal if our food supplies are contaminated. Check this out !

The Federation of American Scientists
 This site is for the intelligence wannabee . These guys have information  on Intelligence Resources, Military Analysis, Nuclear Resources, Space Policy, Special Weapons / StarWars, Animal Health/Emerging Animal Diseases and the ever present Government Secrecy. Guarantee you will be captivated by scope and depth. Also you will get a five year look ahead of data your friends only fantasize about.  Check it out !

Oil Industry Suppressed Plans for 200-mpg Car
  A carburettor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on a gallon of fuel  caused oil stocks to crash when it was announced by its Canadian  inventor Charles Nelson Pogue in the 1930s.  Next time you complain of high gas prices, reread this article.  It is interesting if true.

  Having spent a lot of time considering the implications of the sun as a forcing function on Earth and its people, I found it refreshing to see someone who had a good grasp of physics try to tie all the pieces together. This definitely is a  "MADE YOU THINK" article.  This is not for the faint at heart as it is multidisciplinary and wide ranging. The energetic transformation of our entire solar system is now underway, and we are already feeling the effects – which the US government now admits, but is attempting to blame on global warming. This is by far the most facile and under informed opinion about what is going on.  This article present a completely Unified model, showing how the same energetic fields are at work on all levels of size, from the quantum to intergalactic.  Many annoying paradoxes of science have now been resolved into one single, stable multi-dimensional cosmology – which has dazzling implications for our immediate future. 

Forbidden Archeology!
This site kind of goes along with the 120 Million year old map site above.  There has been much evidence found and then reburied because it didn't fit in with currently accepted theory.  From its initial release in 1993 to the present, Forbidden Archeology has shocked and delighted  readers around the globe with a veritable encyclopedia of anomalous scientific evidence challenging the standard views on human evolution. Join us in this fascinating intellectual excavation of a vast store of hidden knowledge and meet author Michael Cremo, who has planted a time bomb in the archives of conventional history.

What Really Happened
If you're tired of CNN, ABC news etc. and are looking for some good healthy conspiracies, then this is your site. Their motto" The History the government doesn't want you to know".  The only problem with conspiracies is that 80% of the are hogwash and at some point I get a headache.  But every so often these guys hit a ball out of the ball park. The only problem is deciding which is which. Check it every so often when you're bored.

This site is not connected to Molder & Skully on the X Files Show,  but it does have some interesting information for people who can't make up their minds about aliens.  Of course your government has done everything from making movies to making aliens sound like fun.  The first two articles on this page indicates prior civilizations that were pretty advanced. Who said they disappeared !   The truth is out there, you just have to ignore the disinformation !

America's Finest Fake News Source.
  These are fake newspaper pages you wished you had dreamed up.  is a great comedy relief from the pomposity of the day. Their latest page is headlined with "Clinton declares self president for life"   Clinton is wearing a Benito Musolini  outfit and sunglasses. They gore all ox's, so be prepared to laugh.

America's politics has become a joke, so read some good ones that will make you laugh.  This page keeps changing  continuously so you get fresh laughs every day.  Check it out you'll be glad you did. 

Forbidden Cures
Educate-Yourself -- The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought .  There is a lot of good information here. As always  it is not currently accepted thought, but it is an alternative.  Take a look at it from the point of view of interesting information.

Stolen Skies: The Chemtrail Mystery
Jet Trails in the Sky Used to Disappear.  Now they linger!  Ordinarily, contrails flare briefly in the stratosphere as hot moist engine exhaust flash freezes into a stream of ice crystals.  Ordinarily, contrails flare briefly in the stratosphere as hot moist engine exhaust flash freezes into a stream of ice crystals. These pencil thin            condensation trails are short-lived, evaporating into invisibility as exhaust gases cool quickly to the surrounding air temperature.   The Government has been spraying chemicals in some kind of experiment and you're the guinea pig.  Every state has been sprayed on days when there are no clouds in the sky.  Check this out -could affect your health. Congress Addresses Chemtrail   On October 2, 2001, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced the "Space  Preservation Act of 2001" (HR 2977), which called for the elimination of  "exotic weaponry" from space. Among the weapons to be banned were   weather modifying weapons such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and Chemtrail.

This is definitely a site for COMCAST CABLE.   Don't try this site with a 56K Baud modem.
Sometimes bloopers are more interesting then the film or movie that produced them. This site has a nice collection of bloopers and funny cinematic mistakes. They even have official stuff from STAR TREK and "Liar Liar".    Check it out !

America's News page.
  This is a good conservative news site. This has been a pretty reliable news source in the continuing election imbroglio.  They have great columnists. If you like a lot of hard hitting news served up in a readable style this is your site.

Worldnetdaily is the top news site on the internet.   This site goes above and beyond the media herd and gets you the real scoop.  They have some great articles that I haven't  seen anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and check it out everyday.  They have one of the best Y-2-K sites on the net. 

Remember when you could use your VCR to tape a program on one day and watch it another. With you can listen to a radio program up to three years later.  Art Bell and Sightings have absolutely fascinating talk shows on a wide range of topics that you can listen to any time. Radio shows are recorded on computer and played back to you on demand.  Try this site, it will blow your mind. 

We all get catalogs.  Suppose you had access to 10,000 catalogs covering 800 topics that you could sign up for in one place at one time. Catalog Mart is that place. Enter your name & address one time,  and sign up for the catalogs you are interested in. You may not want your wife to know about this. 

This site is for those who want to join a community of people that are interested  in the same subject.  You could join a community of people interested in stocks, horses, cats, gardening etc.   Your grandmother would like this site but there is something for every taste.  Share ideas in things you are interested in. Above and beyond. 

Mitch Battros has an site that is oriented to earth changes. As such there are sections devoted to Predictions, Maps of the Future, Solar Flares, Space, Survival Tips, World Events and much more. Organized in an easy to read fashion. Be sure to scroll down the pages as they go on forever or you could miss something. 


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