Petsafe.Net is a local Knoxville company that has invented and marketed He has an Instant Fence containment system, electronic pet doors, an indoor fence and an electronic feeder. The pet is free to go in and out when his owners are home and gets fed at 6:30 every morning, even when his they sleep in. The parent company is Radio Systems Corp. Eleven years ago they started the invisible fence system for dogs. They have expanded to many other useful products sold on a world wide basis. Check them out .


A pet department store with a location in Knoxville near Computer King at Deane Hill Center.  You can adopt  a pet. Get answers for all your pet questions . They have a dog food calculator and breeding questions.  Check it Out.
Information on all pets. Home
A pet  store for all your pets with loads of information.  They also have specials for each pet.

AllPets.ComGo to!
A sort of chat group with people with pets and more.

Petstore.ComShop at
A cool site to shop for pet supplies . Check it out.