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We've Moved to Suite 111 which which is the row of shops to the left of Home Federal Bank.


Creative Software Development, Inc.
Doing Business As
8078 Kingston Pike Suite 111  
Knoxville, Tn.  37919

President       : Steve Dendrinos Jr.
 Gen. Mgr. :
Mary Dendrinos 

Celebrating Our 42st Year!
Sales     : (865)   584 - 5105
Service :  (865)   584 - 5872


 Monday -- Saturday 

10:30AM -- 6:00 PM

Directions to Computer King

1.      Get off at West Hills Exit 380
 2. Turn right on Kingston Pike
 3. Turn Left at the traffic light at O’Chalies Restaurant.
 4.Turn Left at the first cutoff to Home Federal Bank.

 5.  When you pull into shopping center turn left.
 6. We are on the Downtown West side of the shopping Ctr.

 7. We are next door to Plato’s Closet.


1.    Standard Diagnosis of Problem    $ 60.00

2.    Virus Removal after Diagnosis    $120.00

3.    Backup & Restore                         $  60.00/Hr

Computer King Sells Laptops  Starting  $120.00 to $290.00  With Windows Vista,” 7”,”8”  and Linux

Computer King Sells Desktops Starting $200.00 to $600.00  With Windows Vista,” 7”,”8”  and Linux


(1) How Linux is built    (2)  Hi Def. Video    (3) Vitamin D Wiki (4) Vitamin D3 Research  (5)  Vitamin D3 prevents Breast Cancer (6)    Car Runs on Co2 

A.   Update Windows                  B.  Free Software Programs     (7)  LIGHTS OUT  for ISIS --  Boeing CHAMP to Kill ISIS Electronics          

Organized Content – We Provide You Decide

 01.  Watch 10,000 Free Movies /TV Episodes
 FREE  World Wide Movies and TV Stations on your Computer

 02.  MEDICAL Information Sites
 Easily the best Medical Sites with Alternate Therpies

 Make smart choices with simple world class Financial Tools

 Teach yourself a variety of subjects using Videos & Text.

 05.  LOCAL GOV. -  Knoxville /Knox County Sites

 Easy Access to Local Sites & U of Tn.

 06.  STATE  GOV.  -  State of Tenessee Sites
 Easy Access to your State Officials & Lottery. 

 07.  FEDERAL GOV. - United States of America
 Easy Access to your Federal Government

 Global Earth Change Possibilities

 09.  DRUDGE  NEWS Site
This news site gets 25 million hits a day for news. 

 10.  RENSE.COM 
 First Source for Reality & Honest Journalism

 Innovative ideas on Cars, Oil  in Movie form

 Information designed for our senior community

 If  your Ex military these sites are devoted to you.

 Find information fast using the best tools 

 15.  Best Free AntiSpyware/Virus Protection
 Technician’s Friend: Anti Virus Software, Drivers, Etc.

Sales and Service 

 16. Computer King Sells New Computers
Computer King Sells New Computers  Built-to-order 

 17. Computer King Sells Computer  PARTS
Build your own computer with our new and used parts.

 18. Computer King REPAIRS  Computers
Computer King Repairs all brands of computers quickly.

 19. Computer  King Barebones Upgrades
Upgrades use  Repair Funds not Capital funds

 Conventions and business requirements a Specialty.

 21. Computer King BUY- SELL -TRADE
Sell or trade your old computer. See us first !

 22. Computer King  PREOWNED Computers
 Good Preowned Computers Desktops & Laptops.

 23. Personaled  Medicine of the Future
 How Personalized Medicine Works.

 24. Computer King SPECIAL DEALS
 Check for our  deals  here.

 Should You Get Ready for a Planatery Doomsday

 26. Links to:  SPORTS NEWS
 Sports scores on a local, State, SEC, National.

 27. Links to:  FREELANCE JOBS
 Find a freelance job or find some personnel for a project.

 28. Links to:  COUPONS, Food, Grocery&  Drugs
  Eat for practically Free coupons restaurant, Grocery & Drugs

 Articles found to be thought provoking and interesting.

 30. West Hills Community Association
 One of Knoxville's Oldest and most active neighborhoods.

Public Service Announcement

                                                 Cancer Breakthoughs                                                                                                                    Intresting Sites


1  . NSA Toolkit for Spying on YOU                                                A. TDOT SmartWay Cameras on Interstate


2. Video** Mechanism for How Vitamin “D”  Kills Swine Flu & other Viruses                               B. “Before its News”   Enjoy reading a newspaper again !


3. 65 Diseases that are affected by a deficiency of Vitamin D     i. e.  Cancer, Heart & Diabetes    C.  Google ** Pictures From Space Station  Wheelock


 4. Video ** Exciting  Breakthroughs  on Breast Cancer Research  by  Dr. Pendergast MD        D. Standard Old Google Search  for :  ” Breast Cancer & Vitamin  D”   


5Cancer: More Care, More Cost, Less Cure ….Why Not Try The 10Cent Cancer Cure              E. Can We Eat Simple Foods to Starve Cancer ?   Dr. William Li

  Click =θ  Space Station Fly like a Bird θ  FLY HIGH 

This is the Ten Year Anniversary of World Trade Center Disaster.        Take a look at the pictures collected by Dr. Judy Wood.

 WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO!   Possible evidence of Directed Energy Weapons ?

 The three things that control any country is Energy (Oil) , Pharmaceudicals (Drugs), and Transportation.  The Keshe Foundation has produced a set of Disruptive Technologies that will affect these three areas and your New life.  Take a good look at your future!

Video =θ KESHE PROMO    Keshe Flying Car               VW Hover Car    Videoθ   Keshe Lecture 

                                                                                                                        (Chinese Antigravity}